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Upgrade Your Sleep: A Comprehensive Guide to Super Single Bed Sizes in Singapore

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Super single beds do require more thought when considering bed accessories. A super single mattress is not as common as twin, full, queen, or king, so the selection is often limited. While twin and full-sized blankets and comforters may fit super single beds, the proportional difference often leaves a small gap. To avoid this or the possibility of sheets being too tight, it is best to purchase bedding specifically designed for a super single. Headboard and footboards can pose a problem as well if these are included as part of a bed frame or are purchased separately using an adjustable bed frame. With measurements in mind, it is possible to still find a headboard and footboard that will fit, but a matching set may require special ordering or be limited to certain furniture lines.

These dimensions make super single beds larger than standard single beds, ideal for people who want a bit more space without taking up too much room. Usually, these beds are 48″ x 84″ (122 cm x 213 cm), but anywhere between 48-54 inches wide and 84-87 inches long can still be considered a super single. These beds are great for growing children or teenagers who are outgrowing their standard-sized bed but do not yet have enough space to accommodate a queen or even a full-sized bed. In addition to the added length giving taller people more comfort, most adults like these as well if pets or children often share the bed. The added width gives more space to move around without fear of falling off. These beds are also a wise choice for guest rooms and can be great for individuals.

What is a Super Single Bed?

Added width can make all the difference. An adult may find a single bed too narrow and would prefer a little more space to move around during sleep. The added width and length of a super single bed can make sleep more comfortable, especially if the person is accustomed to a double size bed. A single adult in a smaller room could also benefit from the more compact size of a super single bed. Always remember, better sleep promotes a healthier and happier life.

A super single bed is between a single bed and a double bed. It is a popular choice for children, younger adults, and smaller rooms in Singapore. It may also be suitable for guest accommodation. Super single beds are a common sight in the HDB flats in Singapore and are also commonly seen in the hostels and smaller hotels here. A super single bed is also a popular size for a growing child as it provides more room to move compared to a single size bed.

Benefits of a Super Single Bed

The width for a standard super single mattress is 48″. The average length is 92″ but can vary depending on the manufacturer. Although this may seem like an odd size, for someone who is upgrading a childhood bed or if the goal is to create more space in a smaller bedroom, this is a great size bed. Super single bedding can be somewhat difficult to find in stores but generally can be found online at very affordable prices.

A super single bed is a great option for a lot of people. They are designed for one person but are wider than a standard twin-size bed. This is great for a growing child or teenager and even for a young adult. Anyone living in a smaller apartment or even a guest room may opt for a super single as it will give more space than a twin size but not overcrowd the room. Some couples find they are ideal, especially if one partner is a restless sleeper. With 9 inches more width than a twin size, a super single gives a single sleeper more space to move around.

Super Single Bed Sizes in Singapore

Unfortunately, due to the smaller dimensions of the super single beds in Singapore, bedclothes are difficult to find. This is despite super single sizes being common in other countries such as the Philippines and Japan. Also, due to smaller bed sizes, mattresses tend to be harder and less comfortable. This is because manufacturing smaller mattresses requires the use of higher density foam to save on costs, and obtaining better quality foam in smaller sizes is difficult.

Super single bed sizes in Singapore are slightly smaller than the standard super single bed size. A standard super single bed size in metric measurements is 190 x 107 cm. The true super single beds, less commonly found in Singapore, are larger with dimensions ranging between 189 x 107 cm to 190 x 114 cm. This is because properties in Singapore, especially new condominium and apartment units, often come with smaller rooms. This is in view of the land scarcity and smaller average household sizes.

Standard Super Single Bed Size in CM

Confusing? I think so. But as long as you remember that a super single bed size in cm is 122x213cm then you have all you need to know about the dimensions of it!

In New Zealand, a Super Single is known as a King Single and in the U.S.A it’s known as Extra Long Twin, but be aware that these are not quite the same as a Super Single in Singapore. The New Zealand King Single is longer measuring at 203cm, while the U.S.A Extra Long Twin is the same length as a standard twin bed. Japan also has a slightly different Super Single.

Super Single beds are usually 48″ wide x 84″ long. That’s 122cm x 213cm. This is a perfect bed for one person with the added width often used in bedrooms for guests, children or a bunk bed. Because it’s not always easy to find information on bed dimensions, here’s a quick run down on the different names for Super Single beds used in some countries.

Variations in Super Single Bed Sizes

Variations in super single bed sizes are not the easiest to understand. Many bedding manufacturers are not consistent in their sizes, especially when it comes to bed length and width. It is not uncommon to find a super single bed that is 2 cm wider and 10 cm longer than a standard super single. Often the difference is simply due to “custom” sizing. Many comforters and duvets come in standard super single size and will not fit correctly on a custom-sized super single bed. This is also the case with bed sheets, so it is important for consumers to be cautious and pay attention to bed dimensions when purchasing bedding. This rule also applies to bed frames, as many bed frames are designed for a specific mattress size. Always check the internal mattress dimensions to see if a mattress is a good fit for a particular bed frame. Custom-sized mattresses are often not an ideal solution for children who will eventually outgrow both the mattress and bed frame. Step one in getting the right bed is to realize exactly what the bed will be used for and how long it is expected to last.

Choosing the Right Super Single Bed Size

It is the same bed, the two super single beds have the same function to sleep. But both have a difference in terms of size as well as for the size 42 inches x 75 inches is a single bed with a large size, this bed is suitable for adults who want to have a larger bed for more comfort. While size 6 inches x 6 inches is standardized super single bed with size of bed sheet that much available on the market. Usually the size 6 inches x 6 inches is used for children who are more comfortable to sleep in a single bed. Step choosing the right bed size for you are asking is it this bed primarily for children and use since today? If your answer is yes better you choose a standard single bed. But if you are going to use this bed in a long period of time and primarily for adults, then it’s good you choose the big single bed. super single bed size singapore Choosing the right super single bed size depends on the amount of space available in your room.

Sleep is vital to rest and rebuild our body and mind, but we can’t sleep well if the place or the thing place we want to sleep is not comfortable. To be able to sleep comfortably, we need to know the needs and wants of our sleeping position. And many people who suffer from finding the right bed in terms of size, in super single bed sizes we will find two different sizes of the bed. The standard super single bed measuring 6 inches x 6 inches and the super single bed measuring 42 inches x 75 inches. Both have differences in size and often this makes us ask “which the right bed for me?”. To answer that question, we need to know the difference between the two beds.

Finding the Perfect Super Single Bed in Singapore

If you prefer a more traditional shopping experience, it’s a good idea to visit one or two of the major department stores to browse their selections. However, the most convenient shopping method of all may be to simply buy your bed online. Most major furniture stores have websites with online catalogues of their products. An online search will also display a number of online-only retailers of bedding products as well. The added advantage of online shopping is that it’s easier to compare prices between different stores, and you also have the convenience of having the bed delivered straight to your home. Delivery can usually be arranged for a specific date and time slot, and the store may even offer to help set up the bed for you.

If you have decided on the super single bed as the best option for your needs, then it is time to go out and find the perfect bed for you. Super single beds are less common than single, queen or king size beds and the variety of beds available can be quite limited depending on where you look. Because of this, we highly recommend attending the next Singapore Furniture and Fittings Fair, as I guarantee you will not find a more extensive collection of super single beds anywhere else in Singapore. Another option is to visit the warehouse sale events typically held at the various factories found in and around the Sungei Kadut Industrial area. By checking the classifieds section of your local newspapers, you can sometimes get wind of warehouse sale events from ads placed by these companies. Warehouse sales are good for picking up cheap furniture, but do be aware that many of the items sold at these sales are often one-offs that may be difficult to add to at a later date.

Where to Buy Super Single Beds in Singapore

You can easily find super single beds available in Singapore in furniture retail stores. It is just like a single bed, but with a wider base. This size is great for those who are not used to having a single bed and too cramped on a queen or king-sized bed. So it’s great for teenagers, especially when they have friends sleepover, with the risk of falling off minimized. Also, it is great for small rooms. Some may opt for higher beds to create storage space underneath. Do also check out the children’s section, as you might prefer a more colorful theme. For those who prefer western-style bedding, bed frames and mattresses are readily available in many places and styles to meet your preference. However, as super single beds are still a less common option in Singapore compared to single or queen-sized beds, your choice may be limited to the variety available in the stores. Orders can also be made for items not available in-store, and delivery usually takes a couple of weeks. Prices would vary, but generally, it may cost up to $300 for the bed frame and $200 for a mattress. Be sure to compare prices between stores, you may just find a great deal!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Super Single Bed

Height The height of the bed may be a simple factor but it is often ignored. Consider who will be using the bed. If the bed is mainly for a child/teenager, a bed that is too high may be inconvenient for them to get in and out. Disabled or elderly people may find a bed that is too low to be a struggle. For such cases, there are bed frames with adjustable heights but they are rather rare and usually pricey.

Material The material of the bed frame is crucial. It determines whether the bed will be able to last for a long period of time. For example, a metal frame can give off a squeaky noise after a few years due to the joining of the pieces. Wood is generally much better and could be considered as an investment. If taken care of properly, wood can last a lifetime.

Size The first thing to consider about a super single frame is the size. Just because it is a super single does not mean that the sizes of the mattress or frame are all the same. Get the exact measurements so that when you start shopping for your sheets and mattress, everything will fit. It would be a waste of time and money if you bought a bed and then realized that none of your old bed linen fits. Take into consideration the size of the room as well. Compare the size of the bed to the room. If the bed is too big, it would not leave much space to move around and if it is too small, it would just look odd being in the middle of the room covered with free space around it.

Tips for Maintaining Your Super Single Bed

The lifespan of a super single bed can be extended by taking good care of it. This can be achieved by regularly cleaning it. Dust and vacuum the mattress and the base of the bed. Sometimes wipe over the bed with a damp cloth. However, before doing so, check the manufacturer’s instructions for any special care. Sometimes leaving the mattress and base in the sun will help to kill bacteria and dust mites. To prevent wear and tear on the bed, try to minimize the chances of damage occurring in the first place. For example, when moving the bed to another location, remove and store safely any sharp objects that may snag or tear the bed during this process. Also, protect the bed from spillages and accidents by using a mattress protector and cleaning up any spillages quickly and thoroughly. If the bed is damaged, take the time to perform a repair as soon as possible before it becomes worse. Keep the suggestions in this guide when looking for a new bed, and you will be sure to find the perfect one for you. With the extra fraction of effort, you can easily maintain the bed and keep it in good condition, ensuring a good night’s sleep for many years to come.


You should have a clearer understanding as to why people do consider purchasing a super single bed, and indeed the luxury it can bring. A comfortable bed and quality sleep forms a positive influence in our general productivity levels and lifestyle. Increasing number of people are recognising this, and making the step up in bed size has become a popular choice for many individuals and couples. Upgrade your sleep can provide a valuable resource to help you make the right choice on your bed purchase. Simply by providing you with a comprehensive understanding of all bed types, its ease of access and expert advice to provide quality sleep for every individual. Step your way to a super single bed today.

By the end of this piece, we hope that you have a clear understanding of super single bed sizes and how they can benefit your sleep, along with some practical tips to assist in your purchase. Transitioning from traditional bed sizes can be quite a task, but it is essential to remember that people need a comfortable space to rest and recuperate from their busy lifestyles. Having a spacious and comfortable bed can provide a great rest and attitude towards your day.

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