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Choosing the Right Mattress: Super Single vs Standard Single Bed Size in Singapore

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A mattress is a significant investment, especially since you will be spending a significant part of your time on it for the next 5 to 10 years. As you’ll know, mattresses come in several sizes. Super single and standard single are two sizes that are commonly found in Singapore. Super single sized mattresses are 42 inches wide and 75 inches long (106.68 cm x 190.5 cm). This size is slightly larger than the standard size and thus, it provides more room to move about or to accommodate a couple, or even an individual who likes to have a lot of room to move about. A standard single sized mattress is 36 inches wide and 75 inches long (91.44 cm x 190.5 cm). This size is the most common size for children through to adults that have a slender body frame. It is also the most common size found in the HDB and thus, it would be easy to find bed frames for this mattress size.

Overview of mattress sizes in Singapore

Standard sizing for mattresses in Singapore differs from that of elsewhere in the world. In particular, the super single sized mattress is one of the most commonly purchased sizes here. A super single bed is 42 x 75, which is in fact neither 3 inches wider than a single mattress (39 x 75) nor 6 inches larger than a twin (38 x 75) mattress. Due to its size being in between a single and a twin-sized bed, it is often mistakenly thought to be either one of the sizes. A standard single-sized mattress can be a bit of a tight fit for some adults as the width is 36 inches. With Singaporeans generally becoming larger in size (especially the men), the super single mattress is a more popular choice. The extra 6 inches in width and 3 inches in length for the super single bed is definitely more ideal for an adult in terms of space and comfort. Moving up from a single to a super single-sized mattress is, in fact, the most common switch for children, who are used to having a bit more room and space when they reach their teenage years. Hence, parents purchasing mattresses for their children should take into consideration that buying a single-sized mattress may be false economy. This is because kids may outgrow the mattress rather quickly, and the parents may end up having to buy a new mattress again. super single mattress size singapore It is important to understand the different mattress sizes available.

Super Single Bed Size

Specifically for children and teenagers, a super single would be the appropriate choice, also for those who are thinking of sharing the bed with a partner in the near future. The added comfort would help in providing a good night’s sleep, which plays an important role in everyone’s growth and health. Although it may not be suitable for a couple, the super single bed will be able to provide the comfort equivalent to a double bed for an individual who is of smaller built. The size of the bed is also suitable for guest rooms, as it allows the flexibility of a larger bed, yet not taking up too much space in a smaller room.

In Singapore, for most inhabitants, having a mattress larger than a single size is impractical due to space constraints. Most master bedrooms are able to fit a queen-sized bed at best, leaving the smaller rooms only able to fit a single-sized bed. This is where the super single bed has its advantage. Although the standard single is 36 inches wide, the super single is 48 inches wide, making it a better choice for growing children and teenagers, or adults who are of smaller built. The added width provides much more comfort in comparison to the single bed.

Dimensions of a super single mattress

2.1. First and foremost, let’s discuss the dimensions of a super single mattress. Throughout the years, the dimensions of a super single mattress have not changed. It still remains 190cm x 107cm. The 7cm difference in width compared to a single mattress has proven to be a comfort zone for those who sleep alone and do not want to feel ‘squeezed’ compared to on a single size mattress but do not have the luxury of having a queen or king-sized bed. Due to the increase in size, it is in the best interest to accommodate the increase in width for a super single mattress, which means looking for bed frames that are specific to super single in order to prevent the mattress from sliding off the bed frame. The increase in length of the super single mattress also provides an alternative for taller people compared to a single mattress who do not want to compromise on the availability of space for movement in their sleep, or those who are used to single mattresses and are considering the option of upgrading to super single or queen-sized mattresses in the future.

Advantages of a super single bed

This is the second part of the series about bed and mattress sizes in Singapore. This time it’s to inform the mattress shopper about the super single bed and the corresponding mattress size. A single bed is great for kids and even adults for a small guest room. But they might prefer more sleeping space. For a growing teenager, the super single mattress and bed is a great option. A single bed is 36″ x 75″. A super single is 48″ x 75″. This equals more width and more comfort. Actually, there are bed styles in the market that cater to kids and the same bed frame size can fit a single or super single mattress. So when the child grows up, you only need to change the old single mattress to a new super single mattress. There are even storage bed frame options for more space and tidiness in the bedroom. An instance would be our Island Bed Frame that comes in 3.5″ or 3 inch leg height and suitable for your young growing teenager and more convenient for housewives doing weekly house cleaning. A more updated and luxurious solid bed frame option would be our Engin Tatami Storage Bed Frame. This is more suitable for adults or working individuals who have spare cash and want to splurge on comfort and style for a good night’s sleep and better relaxation. A 1 inch Tatami mat can also be laid above the bed frame. Step into a world of luxury because choosing the right mattress and bed is also part of your bedroom environment and personal lifestyle. Balancing work and relaxation is very important in today’s stressful environment.

Disadvantages of a super single bed

No guest bed. With a super single bed, it is difficult to have an extra bedding for guests, or children who have friends staying over. This is useful to have especially with older children who are studying, as they will prefer a quiet environment to rest before an examination, rather than engaging in noisy activities.

Not enough space for bedding. Young children usually do not have much input into bed selection. Most parents purchase a super single bed in the belief that the child will be able to use the same bed until adulthood. However, a few years down the road when the child enters his teenage years, he may decide that the bed is too childish for him and ask for a bigger bed. This will result in unnecessary expenses over the purchase of another bed.

Occupies too much space. Since super single is wider than a standard single bed, it occupies more space in a room. A home with one or more children will not have much room left for movement. This can lead to safety issues as children need space to play.

Standard Single Bed Size

A standard single mattress measures about 2 feet and 6 inches by 6 feet 3 inches. It’s often ‘big enough’ for most people in terms of the width, as this will allow the bed occupant ample space for him/her to move about or change sleeping positions. Most adults take the next size up in adults sizing by purchasing a 3ft single mattress. A standard single mattress is still a viable option for an adult, but a 3ft mattress provides just that little bit of extra ‘spread out’ room. Lengthwise, the mattress is suitable for the majority of the population, either young or old. The standard single mattress is also a popular favorite for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms. As it is the smallest size available, it is also the cheapest among the standard mattress sizes. This makes a standard single mattress ideally suited as your child’s ‘first grown-up bed’ to help make the transition from cot to bed all that more appealing. It’s both a cost-effective solution from a replacing bedding point of view, and will also be more cost-effective in the long run if your child maintains in size and the mattress has the potential to last well into the teenage years or beyond. A much smaller mattress in comparison to an adult will quickly be outgrown and hence less cost-effective in long-term usage. standard single bed size A standard single mattress is ideal for smaller bedrooms or guest rooms.

Dimensions of a standard single mattress

The dimensions of a standard single-sized mattress are 190cm x 91cm. These are also identical to the international standard for single-sized mattresses. The standard single bed size is the most basic for any kind of bed. A common misconception is that a standard single and a super single are similar in size; however, this is not the case. In terms of mattress size, the super single is wider at 190cm with the same length of 91cm. However, the bed frame itself will be larger to accommodate the larger mattress size for a super single. This usually results in a super single bed taking up more space in a room compared to a standard single. Due to the larger size of a super single and the aforementioned higher costs of bedding, good quality super single-sized bedding can often exceed that of queen and king-sized bedding due to limited demand. Shopping for linen can also prove to be slightly more difficult given its less common size. Super singles are ideal for growing teenagers or individuals in their early 20s since the additional space makes it easier to accommodate overnight guests or a sleeping partner. For adults, the space offered by a super single may not be sufficient for the long term.

Advantages of a standard single bed

The consistent tossing and turning of a child is most likely due to the fact that many younger children are sharing a super single bed. This is commonly due to the fact that a new mattress is seen as an investment for the near future, and buying a super single bed has the potential to accommodate a child as he grows up into an adult. Therefore, many parents may need to consider skipping the step to a super single bed for their child and purchase a mattress that can be comfortable and practical in the long term. A standard single mattress is most suited to addressing the needs of children as well as an adult within Singapore.

It is not very difficult to find people who would argue that one of the significant facts that they remember from growing up would be the time when they moved from using their old super single bed to a standard single bed. It may have been their time to move up to a more ‘grown up’ bed, however it may have also been the first time that they had ever experienced 6 hours sleep without tossing and turning all night.

Disadvantages of a standard single bed

People are not focused on buying furnishings for a spare room so instead they should look to purchase a guest bed that is a more suitable size. Twin beds can still be bought and it’s important to ensure that the bed together with two single mattresses are of equal height. This will make it easier to convert it into a superior sleeping surface that is much more practical and comfortable. Step linking any twin single beds. A daybed can be used for both sitting and sleeping just by changing the bed linens. Another idea could be to purchase a single sofa bed which offers added comfort and also serves as a second settee. This Sofa beds can also come in double bed size which can be used for an equivalent sleep experience.

Disadvantages listed for standard single beds in almost all cases are that they are not big enough. Progressing from a single to a standard single offers an extra 6″ in width and 3″ on the length. However, for growing children in their teenage years, a standard single will still be too small in offering a comfortable and supportive sleep. And for adults it is definitely too small. Although many UK households have standard single beds for their kids, in reality, it is their spare room or guest bed.

Choosing the Right Bed Size

If you are not an expert in the area of mattress choosing, the right bed size may be difficult for you. It may be difficult to choose what type of mattress is right for you. Even if you are sure about the type you want, you will still have to choose the size of the mattress that suits you. Usually, the choice comes down to super single or standard single beds. Standard single mattresses are 190 cm in length and 92 cm in width. Super single mattresses are larger, with each side measuring 107 cm. Super single mattresses are also big in length at 190 cm. It is important to know that the added size of a super single bed takes up a lot more space in a room. If you are considering placing a super single into a room that already has other kinds of furniture, it is important to keep in mind that the bed may take up most of the room’s space. In the case that you are purchasing a bed for a child, a super single bed leaves much less free space for a child to play in their own room.

Factors to consider when choosing between super single and standard single

Co-sleeping and Kids – Standard single beds are great for kids who are out of their cots and into their own beds. If the child’s room is quite small, it won’t look overcrowded, and there will still be additional space in the room. If you are buying a bed to be used for a long period of time and/or for an adult, a super single will provide a comfortable night’s sleep and enough room for couples or co-sleeping children.

Room and Guest Accommodation – The choice between a standard single and super single bed is by far determined by the size of the room and what the bed is being used for. If the room is quite small and used for various purposes, then a standard single would be the obvious choice. If the room is larger and used specifically for getting a good night’s sleep, the super single would serve as a great bed for one and a practical solution for accommodating guests.

Space and Fit – Standard single beds are ideal for smaller rooms or for children’s bedrooms. The super single, though only a little bit larger, provides more room, allowing for added comfort. A super single mattress, on average, is 6″ wider than a standard single, so after consideration of the person’s size and sleeping patterns, one can make the necessary choice to suit their needs.

Personal preferences and sleeping habits

Consider also that a child’s sleeping routine may include bedtime story sessions, younger siblings who may want to sleep next to him/her or even the family pet! With the child being the main bed occupant, both super single and standard single bed sizes can easily accommodate a child sleeping alone. However, situations involving an adult reading bedtime stories with the child, or the child wanting the company of a sibling or pet for overnight stays, may call for adequate space on the bed to comfortably fit an extra person. Should such situations occur occasionally or become frequent, it would be more convenient to have a bed with the extra space already factored in. single vs super single In such cases where additional company is desired, a larger bed size would be preferable.

Some theories suggest that an actively growing child needs a spacious bed to ensure a good night’s sleep. However, any bed will have enough room for growth as the standard single is long enough to accommodate an adult’s height. The remaining years until the child reaches adulthood would eventually see the child outgrowing the bed size. Thus, bedroom space should not be an issue when considering the child’s future bed needs. Instead of focusing on the child’s growth span, it is more important to select a bed size based on a child’s current sleeping needs.

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