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Understanding Single Bed Mattress Size: Dimensions and Availability in Singapore

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Knowing measurements for single mattress sizes can come in handy when trying to purchase the correct size bed sheets. Sheets are often labeled with packages that may not specify what size bed it is intended for. If the sheets are intended for twin beds and not single beds (though they are the same size), the twin fitted sheet will not fit around the corners of the single mattress. Having the measurements can also save time if one is trying to make a bed with old or hand-me-down sheets. An inch or two difference in the size of the mattress can affect how the bed is made and the sheets may not stay on the mattress.

Single bed mattresses are common for children and individuals who are purchasing a bed with limited space or for a low price. Single mattresses can save on space and it is simpler to get sheets for a single mattress than a twin mattress, for they are the same size. Often, single beds and mattresses are going to be the same in terms of size, so there shouldn’t be much confusion. A single bed is probably not too inexpensive, when it often requires a better quality mattress for more comfort. Higher quality single mattresses are most often 6 inches wide and 2 inches longer than the bed, providing a little give on the edges of the mattress. If a manufacturer rounds the dimensions up to 4 inches by 8 inches, then it is likely they are attempting to sell the mattress to a specific market such as college dorms or children, and the price should be lower. Always measure the bed and the mattress to be sure you are getting the right size.

Importance of Understanding Single Bed Mattress Size

But sometimes when people want to buy mattress sheets, they get confused with the bed and mattress size. When we mention a single bed, there are two types of sizes: the standard single size and the super single size. And the worst case is when some of them do not realize that there are two different single sizes and finally they just buy the wrong size of mattress sheet.

It is necessary to know the exact dimensions of your single bed mattress to know the availability of a mattress sheet that will make you sleep comfortably at night. If it is too big, it will wrinkle and make you uncomfortable. If it is too small, it will keep falling off the mattress. A mattress sheet is important to keep your mattress clean and free from dust and mites. Imagine sleeping on the mattress without the sheets; it is really not comfortable at all. No one wants to sleep on a dirty mattress because there is no mattress sheet to keep it clean. So, an accurate single bed mattress size will not only provide comfort to your sleep but also to the maintenance of your mattress.

Single Mattress Dimensions

The most common mattress size and the most likely size to be in your childhood memories is the standard single bed. This type of mattress measures in at 92cm x 188cm, making it of a similar width to the single, but several centimetres longer. The reason it is the most common size is for the sole reason that it is the size of the bed that the vast majority of us slept in as children. As children grow out of their beds around the teenage years the single bed is usually no longer large enough and thus the child will upgrade to a larger bed. This has an added appeal that parents can often make use of the bed if the child is away, as it is of a grown up size and can fit a single adult comfortably. Due to the next size up being 18cm wider and also 10cm shorter this single bed mattress can often be used on a narrow bunk bed to ensure optimisation of space in a child’s room. The standard single bed mattress is a size commonly used for day beds, the added 10cm in length ensures that a single adult can use it for resting or a variety of evening leisure activities in comfort. single mattress dimensions include the measurements of the standard single bed mattress. The 3/4 or small double mattress measures up at 122cm x 191cm and is the perfect size for a single person who is looking for a little more space. This is the best bedroom furniture option for guests, visiting couples, growing teenagers and the single person that requires more sleeping space. A 3/4 mattress has got the added width and length to provide a comfortable sleep for the majority of single people. This bed is now a popular choice for growing teenagers who often have a single bed but are just too long for it. Considering the mattress is only slightly smaller than a full, if the room can still accommodate other furniture a 3/4 can be a worthwhile investment. Other variations of the single bed mattress size are small single and single short. The small single mattress is 2 inches thinner than the standard single, measuring in at 75cm x 190cm. Known as a cot size this bed is a popular choice for not just children leaving their cots but also adults and children who may have restricted bedroom space, caravans, narrow boats and other sleeping facilities. The single short mattress measures in at 90cm x 175cm and is ideal for adults or children who are tall but require the minimal sleeping space, this bed is also a popular choice for the storage of guest beds.

Standard Single Bed Mattress Dimensions

Single bed mattresses in Singapore come in two dimensions: either 190 x 90 cm or 191 x 91 cm. These two sizes are considered the standard dimensions for a single bed mattress. Usually, mattress manufacturers make their mattresses following these dimensions. If you go to any furniture store, mattress showroom, or IKEA in Singapore and ask for a single bed mattress, the conventional ones you’ll find are these two sizes. The reason there are two sizes is that different mattress companies manufacture their mattresses using different countries as a reference. The 190 x 90 cm dimension is actually referenced from the UK size bed, whereas the 191 x 91 cm dimension is actually referenced from the USA size mattress. So, if you are buying a single bed mattress, it’s better to measure the size of the bed frame to ensure the mattress can fit. In most cases, a single bed frame in Singapore can fit both sizes of mattresses. single mattress size singapore The dimensions are standardized to ensure compatibility and convenience. This standardization allows for easy mattress replacement and compatibility with bed frames available in Singapore.

Variations in Single Bed Mattress Dimensions

This is one of the greatest complicating factors in where there is a requirement for a specific mattress. When space is at a premium, this frequency sees a policy of purchasing a 190cm (6’3) mattress for those taller members, or split beds, which are zipped together. The latter is often necessary where the existing bed is 200cm long and customers are looking to retain both bed and mattress. This practice is steadily declining with the increasing popularity of 200cm long mattresses, but it is still common enough to render non-standard dimensions an important factor to consider. On these occasions, it is always important to have the sales person double check the dimensions with the customer. This should not be left to assumption. Something as simple as a customer expecting the mattress to fit the bed exactly can prove an oversight. The mattress would be 190cm long as standard, but the bed a 2m with a huge decked frame. Likewise, rounded corners, cut away sides or more extravagant shapes are often employed for specific frames, such as four posters or TV bedsteads. A quick interior measure of the frame width and length is the best way to assure a customer of a suitable fit.

Availability of Single Bed Mattress in Singapore

When it comes to buying single mattresses in Singapore, there are a variety of brands and types to choose from depending on one’s preference and budget. Some of the popular brands providing quality single mattresses include Seahorse, King Koil, Simmons, and Dunlopillo. Each of these brands offers a wide range of single mattresses as well as mattress types such as foam, spring, latex, and therapeutic mattresses. For example, Seahorse offers single mattresses made from their unique hard foam material at a rather affordable price. Customers who prefer to choose something more durable and luxurious may go for brands such as Simmons and King Koil, which offer single mattresses at a higher cost but are made from better quality materials and come with more advanced features. Some brands also carry single-sized mattresses with orthopedic or spine care properties, which are suitable for those with backaches. Nevertheless, as a top seller for mattresses in Singapore, single mattresses for all these brands and types can be easily found at corresponding retail outlets and online platforms.

Popular Brands Offering Single Bed Mattresses

If you are particular about brands, below are some popular brands offering single bed mattresses. Coil spring type single bed mattress from MaxCoil. MaxCoil offers a wide range of mattresses from foam mattresses to pocketed spring mattresses. However, for single bed mattresses, their availability is limited to coil spring type. Sea Horse is also another well-known brand. Sea Horse mattresses are known for being more affordable. They offer mattresses ranging from foam type to pocketed spring. Another alternative would be Orthorest. Orthorest mattresses are a product of Four Star. If you are looking for mattresses to help relieve back pain, Orthorest mattresses do offer mattresses that are designed for this purpose. However, it is worthy to note that the price for Orthorest mattresses can be rather high. If you are looking for those traditional pull-out type mattresses for trundle beds, you can consider getting it from DreamVibes. DreamVibes mattresses are available in spring or foam type with the spring type providing a firmer support. Last but not least, King Koil offers a range of mattresses. King Koil mattresses are said to be endorsed by the International Chiropractor Association for the support that the mattresses provide. Prices are rather high, but you can usually find King Koil mattresses at promotional prices at certain departmental stores.

Retailers and Online Platforms for Purchasing Single Bed Mattresses in Singapore

If you are looking for variety to choose from, it is recommended to visit the Consumer Electronics and Furniture Exhibition (CEE) or The BIG Furniture Fair. Usually taking place at the Singapore Expo, these events often have space-saver single mattresses on sale. Do keep a lookout for these events, as attractive discounts are often given. Coming from the month of May to August, The Great Singapore Sale is also the perfect time to scout for good bargains on single mattresses available at department stores.

Simmons, Sealy, and many of the popular international brands retail their single mattresses. However, space-saver single mattresses of 36’x 75′ (inches) are not readily available. The only place that retails European Size mattresses is Novena. The local brands and small players mainly retail super single and larger size mattresses. Common places to search for single mattresses are department stores such as TANGS, Robinsons, Metro, and Courts. However, these department stores often bring in limited pieces of single mattresses, focusing more on super single and larger sizes.

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