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Navigating the World of Mattresses: A Comprehensive Guide to King Size Beds in Singapore

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The importance of choosing a mattress can also be viewed from a health perspective. Research has shown that in several cases, improved sleep can have a positive effect on health. Therefore, choosing a mattress that suits you can decrease stress, help with weight loss, reduce pain, and possibly decrease the risk of illness.

When you think that in terms of cost, a good quality mattress that is well suited to you can last up to 10 years, the decision-making process doesn’t seem like such a taxing chore now. Yet it is important to remember that the price of a mattress does not determine how well it will support your back. A higher costing mattress doesn’t always mean it is better in providing support for your back. The best course of action is to identify what type of mattress is best suited.

Here we take a look at the types of mattresses available and the advantages of choosing a king size bed in the Singapore context. Often it may not really strike you how important the purchase of a mattress really is. The truth is, a mattress can really help to make or break your back. When you consider that the majority of people spend more time on their mattress than any other item in their house (an average of 6-8 hours a night), the decision on whether you should buy a mattress, and what type of mattress to buy, is critical and best of all it can greatly improve your standard of living.

Understanding the Importance of Choosing the Right Mattress

A useful approach to finding the right mattress is to identify your favorite mattress that you have slept on, whether it was at a hotel or a friend’s house, and look for a similar one. This can be achieved by gathering information about the mattress or, if it is an older model, by contacting the manufacturer who may still have the details.

When searching for a good quality mattress, several factors should be considered. These include the cost of the mattress, the reputation of the manufacturer, the mattress’s characteristics, and the associated health benefits. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest option available, engaging in price wars for an item that is used daily for 6-8 years (or more) is not the best strategy. Less expensive mattresses often fail to provide the necessary support for the spine, leading to discomfort and disturbances during the night. Conversely, a high price tag does not guarantee that a mattress is the best fit for you. Many mattresses offer a variety of features, and with some research, these features can be compared to your specific health needs to find the best mattress at a reasonable price.

Understanding the importance of choosing the right mattress is crucial for good sleep, health, and well-being. Poor sleep can negatively impact mood, work capacity, and increase the risk of health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. It is widely recognized that adults should aim for 6-8 hours of sleep per night. However, it’s not just about the quantity of sleep, but also the quality. Since we spend a significant portion of our lives asleep, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality mattress that provides comfort and support, ensuring deep sleep and restful nights.

Benefits of King Size Beds in Singapore

Best Orthopedic Option: For single sleepers, a King size bed is the best option for people who sleep in the same position every night. With the larger sleep surface and no intrusion of the space from another person, personal sleep positions will remain undisturbed throughout the night. This is also a huge plus for those who have issues with pain or health ailments, as an adjustable orthopedic mattress can be paired with a split King box spring, allowing independent customization for each side of the bed. king size bed singapore Other benefits include improved comfort, reduced motion transfer, and spaciousness. king size bed singapore Additionally, the extra space allows for better relaxation and sleep.

Comfortable: Odds are, if you’re springing for a King Bed, you have the money to make sure you get a good mattress. So when it comes to size when buying a King, you’ve already got much better odds of getting a good night’s sleep because in a larger mattress can use better coil structure and higher quality materials. The best part about a King size bed is you have plenty of room to spread out and sleep in any position you like without feeling cramped. Coming from a Queen size bed to a King, lots of customers feel like they have a better night’s sleep just because they find they’re waking up in the same position they fell asleep in.

Roomy: King size beds should be thought of as a mini, all-in-one bedroom. It’s the ideal size for a couple to really have the ability to sleep in and not be bothered by the other. It’s also great for those who have children who wish to pile into Mom and Dad’s bed on lazy Sunday mornings.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

After much anger and annoyance, including a threatened lawsuit, they managed to get a full refund, and the store changed its practices. A similar scam was uncovered in Baltimore not long after and was headlined in a local newspaper. These instances aside, there are occasionally legitimate reasons for mattresses to vary in size.

The worst cases of this kind of sharp practice were uncovered in Toronto back in the early part of the new millennium. Some unsuspecting consumers uncovered a scam in which one store was selling what they claimed to be king-sized mattress sets for a lower than average price. It turned out the sets were made up of custom size mattresses and box springs that were, in fact, 3 inches shorter and 3 inches narrower than a standard king size. These slightly undersized sets were being sold at the same price as a standard set, and the unscrupulous salespeople actually told prospective customers that this was the new standard size. king size mattress singapore The dimensions of a standard king size mattress are

The third section of the essay, which is “Variations in King Size Mattress Dimensions,” was perhaps the most surprising of all. It is surprisingly common for manufacturers to produce mattresses that don’t actually conform to standard sizes. It might shock you to hear that unscrupulous salespeople have been known to pass off a slightly smaller mattress as a standard king size simply because the consumer failed to check the dimensions.

Standard Dimensions of a King Size Mattress

Mattress Size Metric Measurements Imperial Measurements Japanese Equivalent Single Size Mattress 90 cm x 190 cm 3′ x 6’3″ 97 cm x 195 cm Super Single Size Mattress 106 cm x 190 cm 3’6″ x 6’3″ 120 cm x 195 cm Queen Size Mattress 155 cm x 190 cm 5’2″ x 6’3″ 160 cm x 195 cm King Size Mattress 180 cm x 190 cm 6′ x 6’3″ 185 cm x 195 cm King Size Mattress 180 cm x 198 cm 6′ x 6’6″ 185 cm x 200 cm

For mattresses sold in Singapore, the king size mattresses are often 190 cm in length and 180 cm in width. Mattress dimensions have a tolerance of +/- 1 inch. Depending on the mattress material and design, a king size mattress may be slightly bigger, so always check the mattress dimensions to be sure. A king size mattress should fit two adults comfortably. Sufficient space is the key to comfort and good sleep in a king size mattress. The recommended ideal space is 90 cm width per person. A greater width per person will provide greater comfort, while couples that feel a king size mattress is still insufficient space to move might consider an extra large super king size mattress.

Variations in King Size Mattress Dimensions

Japan has a unique size for a king size bed: 76 inches by 79 inches. This dimension is an inch shorter and 3 inches wider than a standard king size bed. This can be quite the hassle for North American bedders, as mattresses are slightly different in size and shape. This can make it really tough to find proper bedding for a Japanese king size bed. king size mattress singapore The dimensions of a standard king size mattress in Singapore are

At 72 inches by 84 inches, the standard king size bed is four inches wider, but four inches shorter than the California king bed. This can be a little difficult when trying to find comforters, as a California king is almost the size of a standard queen bed, which is 86 inches by 86 inches.

A king bed can be quite difficult to find bedding for. This is due to the dimensions. A standard king size bed measures 76 inches by 80 inches, which is the same length as a queen bed, but 16 inches wider. These are the dimensions that any kind of king bed will take, be it a standard, California, or European king. The only difference is that the box springs and the bed frame will be different for each type of king size bed.

Factors to Consider When Buying a King Size Bed

In order to select the finest king size mattress available in the marketplace, you should first think about what type of mattress size your pocket can extend to. Purchasing the greatest, most luxurious mattress without considering your overall living space and financial capabilities is self-defeating. King size mattresses can vary greatly in price. For a standard innerspring mattress, you can expect to pay a little less than $700. For a memory foam mattress, prices can vary from $700 to over $4000 for a Tempurpedic mattress. King size mattresses are also available in various types of fabric, thickness, and memory foam options. With such a broad range available on the marketplace, it is crucial you have a clear idea of how much you feel is comfortable to spend and how you will benefit from a particular mattress type. By setting a budget, you can then realistically look into the advantages and disadvantages of each mattress while also being able to look for discounted mattress offers and pricing sales events. Always have the possibility of online purchase open. Often times, the same type of mattress you would buy in a store is available at a reduced rate online.

Mattress Material and Comfort Level

Comfort level is something that is highly subjective, as different people will find different things comfortable. As a general rule of thumb, firmer mattresses provide more support, whereas softer mattresses allow the sleeper to sink in more. Step into any physical store to try out a few beds. Laying down on the mattress in varying positions to imitate your sleep, spend at least fifteen minutes on each mattress to judge how comfortable it truly is. Remember that the comfort of a mattress when you first try it out may not necessarily be the comfort you will get from it in the long run. Memory foam and latex mattresses may feel strange to those who have never tried them because of the way these materials contour and sink. Allow yourself a bit of time to let them grow on you.

The comfort of the mattress depends mainly on what it is made of. A lot of mattresses are made of innerspring, which is a coil-based support system. The comfort comes from the padding on top of the mattress. The padding can be made of varying materials, including polyester and foam. Memory foam mattresses are becoming increasingly popular as the material contours to the body. They provide good support by distributing the weight of the sleeper evenly and are known to relieve back pain. The material of a mattress acts as an insulator. It retains your body heat as you sleep, providing extra warmth. If you like a cooler sleep, an air or latex mattress might be a good option as they are known to absorb and disperse heat.

Support and Firmness Options

Firmness, on the other hand, is a complex attribute when related to a mattress as it is subjective to the individual the mattress is providing for. For example, a 100kg man may find a particular mattress not very firm if it sags under the load of his weight, while a 50kg woman may find the same mattress to be too firm. This is why it is important for the customer to test the mattress before buying. The firmness of a mattress is graded on a scale. Support is not to be confused with firmness, as a mattress with good support simply means that it keeps the spine in alignment and does not allow the spine to sag. The firmness attribute relates to how comfortable the mattress is, and there are generally 4-6 different grades from soft to extra firm.

The basic support that a mattress provides is primarily determined by the amount of foams and padding used in its construction. More padding or larger innerspring will always result in a better sleep. The most popular type of mattresses are made using spring-based technology. The great variable about these mattresses is the amount and type of padding on top of the mattress. You can then select the type of mattress that is most comfortable for you.

Durability and Longevity

In this day and age, it is unwise to overlook value for money. Financial security should be at the forefront of a consumer’s mind, and shelling out for a high-priced item that may need replacing in a few years is not the wisest investment. Word of mouth is still a very powerful and persuasive means of advertising, and personal recommendations are priceless. A consumer is likely to purchase a product on the advice of someone they know, especially if that person has recently made the same purchase. It is the emphasis that is placed on durability and longevity that will have the greatest influence on a consumer’s decision to make a purchase. When a mattress has a comfortable and familiar feel, and yet is free from defects, it is a difficult and unappealing task to go out and find another one just like it. After all, a mattress can represent an intimate and personal space for many people, and essentially it is an item that people become attached to. If your partner has recently moved in or you have decided to purchase a relatively more expensive bed, the duration for which you wish to keep the bed is greatly increased. We then adjust our priorities and the fact that a mattress has a warranty can also be a significant factor in whether or not it will be purchased. According to a study by the mattress journal, customers who are in the market for a new bed have expectations of keeping their mattress for an average of 10.6 years. Finally, in a similar light to many products, the assurance that a mattress is both environmentally friendly as well as ethically produced can often be a deal closer for some consumers.

Price Range and Budget Considerations

Traditional innerspring and coil mattresses remain the most popular, but alternatives such as memory foam, latex, and air allow more extensive choices. It’s important to research and compare the different types to have a feel of the capabilities and price range to make sure the best long-term decision is made. Researching online, speaking to salespeople, and comparing different options are all beneficial methods for collecting some facts when buying a mattress. Having a realistic budget is very important when making a big-ticket purchase for a mattress. Generally, a good mattress can be expected to last you around 10 years, therefore it’s considered a long-term investment. You must also consider that a more expensive mattress that’s better suited to your needs may prevent future medical expenses due to relief of chronic pain. It’s not advisable to cheap out on a mattress that’s much lower than what you need and expect satisfying results. If you have little understanding of what actually makes a mattress and only consider surface feel, a good comparison is with shoes. You may be used to buying $40 shoes that have to be replaced every 6 months, whereas a $140 pair would last you 3-4 years. In this case, you would be spending the same amount over time and would gain superior comfort, a healthier body, and consistently better sleep, spending a little more in the short term. High price does not always equal higher quality; research into knowing the components and how they affect the price will lead to the best option.

Top King Size Mattress Brands in Singapore

All three brands come with 10 years warranty and they offer free delivery. With the knowledge of what each brand offers, choosing the right king size mattress will be easier.

Heath King Koil is the more pocket-friendly option. It has established itself as the brand that provides quality mattresses at a lower price compared to its competitors. King Koil mattresses are known for their spinal support and minimal partner motion disturbance. This means you won’t disturb your partner when you are sleeping. Since the early 90s, King Koil has been endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) in the United States.

In comparison, Sealy is the brand that makes great mattresses. Its spring coil type is known as the Sealtech hourglass coils that provide greater balance back support. It is also good for individuals with back pain. Its mattress is also orthopedically designed to ensure the best comfort and support for the spine and body. Simmons mattresses are also known to have strike off dust mite, mold, and mildew resistance. Durable. Simmons Beautyrest© Spring mattress.

Galaxy mattress is one of the most popular collections that comes in king size for Sealy. It features multiple layers of comfort and full support, as well as comfortable knit fabric.

Sealy, being an American brand, is the more luxurious and expensive mattress. It has been in the bedding industry for many decades and it is well known for its quality. Sealy mattresses are orthopedically correct, which means they have been designed in close cooperation with orthopedic surgeons to ensure the best support for your back and body. If you suffer from back pains, this is the brand to look out for. Sealy mattresses have been provided to tens of thousands of grateful customers who have enjoyed a good night’s sleep and better mornings, free from back pain and discomfort. Sealy colonnade.

Sealy, Simmons, and King Koil are the three most popular mattress brands in Singapore and are also the top king size mattress brands. These established brands offer a wide range of mattresses that cater to different comfort needs and preferred price range.

Brand A: Features and Benefits

Seahorse’s Platinum series mattresses have 5 built-in functions that will meet the needs of all users. With anti-bacterial knitted fabric material, it effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and provides better hygiene and health care function. The Health care function adds a unique blend of Amethyst and Tourmaline stones to facilitate the promotion of blood circulation and immunity to enhance health. The Electro-Magnetic shield function built-in blocks off unwanted electromagnetic waves to protect the health and nervous system of users. The Far Infrared Ray function helps to enhance blood circulation and complementary well-being, while the Magnetic therapy function provides quality and holistic care by applying magneto-therapeutic aspects. The Posture Guard Mattress is also extremely cost-effective and definitely worth the money for its added health benefits to the user.

Seahorse is a brand that is best known in Singapore for its household products, especially its mattresses. The company brandishes a unique selling point of a “healthy lifestyle” to help customers enjoy a better quality of life. With more than 20 years of extensive research in developing mattresses to fully support the human spine, Seahorse has come up with the Posture Guard Mattress, the Platinum series, and the Horizon series mattresses.

Brand B: Features and Benefits

Brand B – Features and Benefits: Brand B offers incredible value for your money. The manufacturer features traditional all-foam mattresses and hybrid models consisting of both foam and pocketed coil systems in the mattress. These mattresses are well suited for the master bedroom or a guest room of a home due to their quality and comfortable night’s sleep. Brand B has had a long-standing reputation as a quality mattress, yet it is clear the company has put some serious effort into modernizing the mattresses with current trends and technology. Brand B’s mattresses all feature a quilt covering. While the exact materials used in the covering are not widely available, this does appear to be an eco-friendly cover made of upcycled denim. The cover is used to help wick moisture away from the body to ensure that you stay cooler throughout the night. The hybrid mattresses feature a 2″ layer of foam followed by a pocketed coil system. The foam provides pressure relief and contours to the body’s curves, while the pocketed coil system adds support and increases durability of the mattress. With the foam in the hybrid mattress being only 2″, there is no risk of being swallowed by the mattress and feeling stuck. This is in no comparison to all-foam mattresses that can feel like quicksand. The pocketed coil system in all hybrids is a best-in-class design to last. The all-foam models feature an all-foam support core. This durable and comfortable material is designed to offer a reliable support base that you can count on for years to come. The foam mattress models are particularly helpful for those individuals who are disturbed by a restless sleep partner. Since the foam absorbs movement rather than transferring it, you are less likely to be woken up if your partner gets in/out of bed.

Brand C: Features and Benefits

Dunlopillo latex has been processed properly and will need special care in choosing a stain remover. You can read the information below to find out how to clean Dunlopillo mattress properly. Unfortunately, mattresses that have good benefits also have expensive prices. For example mattresses that use latex, viscoelastic or technogel are more expensive than regular spring bed. But this will be comparable to the benefits when you use it.

Latex as a mattress material will certainly have better resilience compared to foam-coated mattresses. Well, latex mattresses from Dunlopillo have 7 support zones which are certainly very good for the health of the spine while resting, and have more durable durability compared to 5-zone mattresses. This is very good because the mattress is able to provide excellent support for the body during rest and can last a long time.

So, who does not recognize Dunlopillo products, right? This brand, which is very good at making latex-based mattresses, makes its own advantages in creating this type of mattress. How not, for 90 years, Dunlopillo itself has become famous for its mastery in producing mattresses that have good air circulation and are able to withstand for a long time.

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