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Comparing King, Super King, and Queen Bed Sizes in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

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Before we delve deeper into explaining bed sizes, it is crucial for you, the shopper, who is most likely considering a new bed or looking to replace a current one, to understand the primary objective of this guide. The purpose of this guide is to help you avoid the dissatisfying and displeasing feeling mentioned earlier. We want to aid you in making an informed and intelligent decision on bed sizes given the relevance of this item to your everyday life and health. A bed is one of the most used pieces of furniture, with many people spending the equivalent to a third of their life on it. Often times, it can be what emotionally draws people home from a hard day at work to rest, relax and alleviate stress. With Singaporeans working some of the longest hours compared to many other countries, the need for a comfortable and conducive environment to rest is ever important. Therefore, with the amount of money spent on a bed and the vast amount of choices available, it is imperative to make the correct choice in a bed and this guide is designed to do just that.

Have you ever been out shopping for a car, clothes or furniture and you just feel overwhelmed with the amount of options in the market? To add to that, you are then faced with multiple shops that carry the same type of item and yet when you compare the price with the item at the previous shop, it costs so much cheaper at the current location. This leaves you with a frustrating and uncomfortable feeling especially if you are out to buy the best quality item for a reasonable price. This guide aims to alleviate these feelings from shoppers and aid them in one of the most important choices made prior to purchasing an item and that is deciding on the correct bed size.

Purpose of the Guide

Did you know that most people spend about a third of their lives sleeping? And did you also know that a bed of the wrong size might result in sleepless nights? Back pains, restless sleep, even sleeping disorders can stem from simply not having enough room in your bed. To help you avoid making the mistake of purchasing the wrong bed, which may lead to all sorts of sleep-related issues, we have compiled information to inform your decision. This guide plans to look at the differences between the King, Super King, and Queen-sized beds, explaining the variations in size between each bed and the advantages of each type of bed. This guide has been created to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a bed and is thus designed to detail the advantages of each bed size. And with Singapore’s recent surge in small apartments and housing, it’ll be good to know the right bed that will fit in your room!

Importance of Choosing the Right Bed Size

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are both conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, causing chronic pain and limited movement. People with rheumatoid arthritis often have pain and stiffness in the affected joints. This can also be said for any back injury. It is a known fact that with any form of chronic pain, good quality sleep will improve the condition. A bad bed or bed size can cause increased pain during sleep or waking, which will disturb the sleep pattern, leading to increasing pain during waking hours.

The body is an amazing machine and given the right conditions, it will heal itself. This means that if you have the right wooden bed frame, you have a good chance of ridding yourself of any ongoing back problems. A bed with the right bed size and strength will support your back a lot better than a soft bed or a metal frame bed. So this can improve your quality of life.

A bed is a long-term investment in one’s quality of sleep. Thus, choosing the right bed size is crucial. The right bed size will allow you to move freely, to spread out, and to increase your quality of sleep. Getting good quality sleep with adequate support for your body will improve your long-term quality of life.

King Bed Size

If you’re thinking of getting a king bed, the most common king bed size is usually about 180cm wide by 190cm in length. It is worth noting that there are variations to the king bed size. The standard or eastern king bed is also available in king long size which is 190cm wide by 200cm in length. The western king bed is a larger version of the standard king bed being 200cm wide by 200cm in length. Do however check the exact dimensions before making a purchase as the term king bed may differ from country to country or from retailer to retailer. king bed size singapore The standard king bed size is suitable for couples. It provides ample space for both individuals to stretch out comfortably during sleep. A king bed is a good choice if you are in need of more sleeping space. It can comfortably accommodate a small family of 2 adults and a child. Sharing the bed space with your partner can also enhance your relationship. With a larger area, you can avoid disturbing your partner while moving in your sleep. Getting a complete restful night’s sleep can have positive effects on your health and overall quality of life. A king bed is a luxury item and not a necessity. This of course comes at a cost which is significantly higher than that of a single or double bed. Consider the overall value and use of the king bed given the expected increase in price. If you anticipate moving in the near future, you will need to consider whether the king bed can fit into your new place of residence. Some landed property and condominium bedrooms are simply not spacious enough to accommodate a king bed.

Dimensions of a King Bed in Singapore

A standard king size bed, sometimes also referred to as an Eastern king bed, is 5 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long. While a California king size bed is slightly smaller, measuring 4 feet 10 inches wide and 6 feet 8 inches long. The king size bed offers its clients plenty of space when resting, and its size makes it ideal for master bedrooms. Those purchasing a king size bed need to ensure they have the space to accommodate it, so make sure you have plenty of free space to put your bed. It is important to remember that when buying a bed of this size, the additional bedding, such as bed sheets, duvets, and pillows, can cost extra money compared to other beds. The availability of extra large bedding may be an issue in smaller towns and cities, so make sure you can secure your bedding before making a final purchase. Also, consider the additional cost of transportation for the bed itself. If your home is difficult to move into due to tight structures or narrow hallways, you may need to reconsider buying such a large bed.

Pros and Cons of a King Bed

Dimensions of space One of the main issues for having a king size bed is its big size. In a room with a ceiling fan, a height of 8 feet 8 inches is required. Rooms that are at least 13 feet by 13 feet can fit a king-sized bed with relative ease. Make sure the bed fits without effort. In a room that’s 13 feet by 13 feet, a king size bed would be hard to move around. Also take into account built-in furniture like cupboards and wardrobes with sliding doors. In the worst-case scenario, you should be able to fit a sheet of paper to indicate a king size bed, or enough room to open the doors. King-sized might not be suitable for everyone due to space constraints. People living in apartments in HDB lot, condominium, or high-rise living may not be able to fit them into the lifts, stairwells, corridors, or bedroom doors. It might also scuff the wall edges and damage paintwork. Having a tight space restricts cleaning and vacuuming of the room. This might lead to an accumulation of dust and dirt with possible aggravation of respiratory problems.

Introduction A king size bed or Eastern King is 78 inches wide and 80 inches long, giving more space for each person and a better night’s sleep. However, buying a king-sized bed requires a considerable amount of money, therefore people should carefully think about the purchase. A decision as such should be well reasoned with advantages and disadvantages considered.

Recommended Room Size for a King Bed

A king-sized bed is larger than a queen or double bed. The recommended size for this room should be 10 feet by 12 feet up to 13 feet by 13 feet. The room should be big enough to comfortably fit the king-sized bed and have room to walk around it. With oversized furniture, a cluttered look smaller still. By contrast, putting a queen-size bed in a small space with too much furniture, and it may look smaller than it actually is. Since a king-sized bed is bigger, it may overpower a small room. This is why it is important to have the right size room. Here is an example of how a room size can affect the look of the bed: a king-sized bed is placed in a 10 feet by 12 feet room and a queen-sized bed is placed in a 10 feet by 12 feet room. The room with the king-sized bed will look much smaller. This is because there wasn’t enough floor space to accommodate the bed, making the room look cramped. Because the room was too small for the bed, there was no room for two nightstands. In another 10 feet by 12 feet room, a queen-sized bed is placed in it. The smaller bed makes the room look bigger because there is more floor space. With the bed in the middle of the room, there is room for two nightstands. This is the difference in how a bed can look in a room given the space. King-sized beds should not be placed in a square-shaped room because there is no room for anything else. King-sized beds are best placed in a rectangular-shaped room, giving adequate room at the end of the bed.

Super King Bed Size

Recommended room size for a super king bed A bedroom will be easy to decorate with a super king bed as there are no size constraints with this option. However, a smaller room can become cramped if the bed is accompanied by large wardrobes or too many chests of drawers. As a general rule from us, add up the measurements of the bed with the other furniture you intend to purchase and ensure this total is less than the square footage of the room.

Pros and cons of a super king bed A super king bed can be uncomfortable for some who are used to sleeping close to their partner, and they may find that they have difficulty staying close to each other with the extra width. Some customers also encounter problems with the size of the bed base. Although the bed will fit up the stairs in pieces, the base when put together can often be too large to get around tight corners in hallways and doors.

Dimensions of a super king bed in Singapore A super king-sized bed is the widest bed available in the market today, measuring 6 feet in width and 6 feet 6 inches in length. This larger sleeping area makes it an attractive choice for many customers. As with the king size, the super king is also available with a split base. This is where the bed is in two parts so the angle is able to go up and down on each side. This is beneficial for people who like to read in bed or watch TV as they can sit up while still having plenty of room. The depth of the bed is an important consideration, and our mattresses are from 7.5 inches to 10 inches deep, depending on the model. super king bed size singapore The super king size bed is also known for its supportive and luxurious features that ensure a restful night’s sleep. Its generous dimensions of 72 inches wide and 78 inches long provide ample space for individuals or couples to move and stretch comfortably throughout the night.

Dimensions of a Super King Bed in Singapore

Coming in at 183cm x 191cm, the Super King Sized bed is the largest possible bed size available in the market. With its extra length (the same as a king size bed), this option is great for taller people who often find that their toes hang uncomfortably over the edge of smaller beds. Its extra width also makes it a good option for co-sleeping families, as the bed can easily fit small children or pets without everyone feeling cramped. The only downside of this sized bed is that it is very large and may be difficult to maneuver up stairwells and around tight corners in apartments. When considering purchasing a mattress for any bed, it is important to remember that the mattress should be smaller than the bed itself! This allows for bed linen to drape down the sides of the bed and prevents an oversized mattress from becoming a dust and dirt magnet very quickly.

Pros and Cons of a Super King Bed

The most obvious advantage of a Super King bed is its size. Super King beds are ideal for people who are over six feet tall, or people who require that extra space. This type of bed is also great for those who have children who have bad dreams, or like to sleep in their parent’s bed. Enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep is much easier when there is enough space for everyone in the bed. Even if company comes over unexpectedly, a Super King bed has plenty of room. Another advantage to having a Super King bed is that when traveling away from home, the smaller beds at hotels and motels seem much more bearable. After sleeping in a Super King bed, double and queen beds just don’t seem to measure up. A Super King bed can also save money over time, primarily because people who sleep on larger beds tend to replace them less. People are less likely to roll together in the middle of the night, causing less wear and tear on the bed. Because Super King beds are so sturdy and well constructed, they are a good investment for the long term.

Recommended Room Size for a Super King Bed

Based on our research and recommendations from popular mattress and bed manufacturers, the recommended room size for a super king is 6m x 6m. This is to ensure that there is sufficient space between the bed and the surrounding furniture. Because a super king is significantly larger than the other bed sizes available, those with existing furniture would need to allow a larger space to accommodate it. If you intend to have bedside tables (450mm x 450mm) and a dresser (1220mm x 430mm x 760mm), the recommended room size is 6.4m x 6.1m, and if you intend to have a little sofa or ottoman at the end of the bed, the recommended room size is 6.7m x 6.4m. This is to ensure that there is sufficient room to move around and that the room does not look or feel cramped. The super king will not look too big in a larger room if space and furniture are proportionate, however if put in a small room with other furniture it may look out of place.

Queen Bed Size

A Queen Bed would more than enough suffice a single person with the comfort of extra space for studying, reading a book, or for someone who has the tendency to move around a lot when they sleep. An additional benefit compared to a double bed is that you are able to get a bedside table next to your bed. This would be very convenient for couples. A Queen bed is more suitable to be placed in a master bedroom or a larger room. If placed in a smaller room, it may be too cramped, and if you are planning to purchase bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe or a desk, there may not be enough space. It is best to measure the room before deciding on whether a Queen Bed is a suitable option for you. queen size bed measurements singapore However, if you have a spacious room, a Queen Bed is an excellent choice for both comfort and functionality.

Queen beds are the second smallest beds, which are widely and popularly used in Singapore. If you have a small-sized apartment or a small room in your house, this bed would be a good pick. The dimensions of a Queen Bed are 190 cm x 152 cm (Length x Width). Queen Beds are a good choice between a double bed and a king-sized bed. Although it may not be suitable for taller or larger adults because of the smaller dimensions compared to the King-sized bed, it would be more beneficial for a couple who require more sleeping space. Due to the width of the Queen Bed having an additional 8 cm more than that of the Double Bed, it allows more room for a couple, especially if there is a child involved.

Dimensions of a Queen Bed in Singapore

Step 5: Ensure a safe and comfortable delivery of the queen bed to your home. Measure the stairwells, doors or elevators to guarantee there is ample room for the bed to be moved into your desired room. Bear in mind that local queen size bed measurements differ from imported beds. A local queen size bed which measures 152.4cm x 190.5cm is still acceptable to use regular queen size bed linens. However, a queen size bed from North America which measures 152.4cm x 198.1cm may be too big for its corresponding bed linens. For example, IKEA in Singapore sells its European size queen beds and has bed linens to match these sizes.

Step 4: Match the queen bed to desired bed room space and other furniture. Consider the walking space around the bed and the positioning of other bedroom furniture. A queen bed is best suited for a guest room or a couple’s room. In comparison to other sizes, queen size is a good compromise between space and sleeping comfort. Also, this size is the same as the Australian and UK queen size bed, and it is often easier to find bed linens in these sizes, especially from other regions.

Step 3: Check the bed frame. A standard local bed frame for a queen size bed will measure 153cm x 203cm in order to allow for space to tuck in bed linens. Coming from an Asian background, most individuals have bed frames custom made and it may be difficult to find bed linens of the correct proportions at local shops. High quality queen size bed linen will often be made of larger dimensions and can be readily found at international bed linens boutiques.

Dimensions of a queen bed in Singapore: Queen beds are usually 150-160cm wide and 190cm long. In comparison to the common local single and super single sizes, this is just nice for two to sleep in. Queen beds measure 150cm x 190cm and are suitable for a couple or an individual who wants more sleeping space. They are also commonly purchased for guest rooms. A good quality queen size bed will generally weigh 50kg – 80kg.

Pros and Cons of a Queen Bed

The Queen bed is fast becoming a preferred choice in homes. In recent years, notably well, a lot of new types of Queen beds have been introduced, namely the California Queen, the Olympic Queen. If you’re considering not to downsize or upsize from your current bed, you should weigh the viability or necessity of those reasons against the pros and cons of the Queen bed. The main thing is conversely found to different individuals. Depending on your size if body factor comes to mind, being big might be a con if you are downgrading from a King bed, or a pro if you are upgrading from a single bed. Being small might find variously sized individuals needing a bit more or less space in comparison to the aforementioned, but cost and use of space are relatively universal factors due to general similarity of the situation between the two sides. Price wise, most if not all things the same, a Queen-sized alternative will cost about a hundred dollars more. This is quite a painless increase in price to some, to others it could strike disregard for the idea altogether. All those living in Singapore will find this comparison based on similar availability and requirement for room space. As it is, a Queen bed, including both mattress and frame, is far lighter and less cumbersome than a King, with more space underneath in comparison to a single or super-single bed. This means for those who don’t often move house, or need to have regularly moving furniture due to children or pet activities, a Queen bed is easy to move and remake in another location.

Recommended Room Size for a Queen Bed

Now that you have noted down your measurements, take your dimensions to the place you purchased the mattress. Check that the mattress size meets the measurements given. Always trust your measurements and not what the sales assistant tells you.

It is necessary to measure all doorways that the mattress will have to pass to get to the room. This ensures that you won’t come across any squeezing and tight manoeuvring situations and possibly even having to dismantle the mattress to get it through the door. Bear in mind any decorative hangings on the wall and ceiling fans that may get in the way too.

Step 2: Getting the right fit! Make sure you measure your room before getting a Queen mattress. Add the length and breadth of the mattress plus bedside tables to the measurement to make sure that the mattress fits the room.

A queen bed is recommended for couples and singles who want that extra space to move around comfortably. This mattress size is also the most popular in Singapore. A Queen bed measures 153cm x 190cm. Compared to a Single (91cm x 190cm) and Super Single (107cm x 190cm), it is a significant upgrade in space and comfort. Those with smaller bedrooms would prefer a Queen to a King.

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