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Maximizing Space in Singaporean Homes: Exploring Hydraulic Storage Bed Frames and Storage Beds with Drawers

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Singapore is one of the major cosmopolitan cities in the world today. With a limited land area, it is essential for the country to use effective planning and clever usage of space for the increasing population and future generations. One of the ways to resolve the massive need for space in Singapore is to maximize usage of available space to overcome limitations. In the home environment, the available space is typically the floor area, while the unused space is the volume between the floor and ceiling. Floor space is very often cluttered with furniture, and it is a common sight to see compact Singapore apartment piled high with personal belongings from walls to walls, and up to the ceiling. This is a very inefficient use of space, and can make a room feel smaller and darker than it really is. In contrast, having fewer, larger and free-standing furniture can make a room seem more spacious and easier to move around. However, for those who need additional storage space, one has to consider using the available volume between floor and ceiling. One of the most commonly overlooked spaces in the home is actually the volume of space under the bed. Because the bed is typically a bulky object, it occupies quite a large floor area, but the space above it is seldom used. This accounts for up to 6-8 m2 of wasted space in a typical HDB bedroom. By installing a hydraulic storage bed or a bed with drawers, users can exploit this volume of space by storing bed linen, clothes, shoes, and other items to free up wardrobe and cupboard space, all of which contributes to freeing more floor space in the bedroom. Storage beds and bed frames can potentially reduce the need for cupboards and cabinets in the bedroom and make a low-use room (where the stored items are usually forgotten) into a spacious and easy-to-use area.

Benefits of Hydraulic Storage Bed Frames and Storage Beds with Drawers

With spring-loaded hydraulic systems, it is now possible for anyone, regardless of individual strength and physique, to lift open the storage compartment with just a slight lift of the mattress. Unfortunately, the spring-loaded system makes it hard to control the force of lift, and it is possible for the storage compartment to slam down or spring up and hit the user if not careful. This is particularly unsafe for the elderly and children. However, our hydraulic storage bed does not suffer from these problems. Our hydraulic storage bed features a state-of-the-art piston lift system incorporating individual gas-charged lifters on each side of the bed, and the lift force is easy to adjust to the most optimum level to lift and close the storage compartment. With easy-to-hold handles, items stored at the rear can now be more easily retrieved and stored. hydraulic storage bed frame singapore Storage beds with drawers provide additional storage space for personal belongings.

The typical installed storage capacity of a hydraulic storage bed constitutes three times as much as a conventional storage bed or even a huge 3-drawers storage and is ample storage space for putting big suitcases and several big and small miscellaneous items. With the increased storage capacity in mind, there is no longer a need for bed users to fear for lack of storage space for excessive or bulky items, and this would result in less crammed living spaces. Also, with increased storage capacity, bed users can now employ a higher degree of categorization in storing their items as they no longer need to try and allocate every single space at the most efficient rate due to limited storage space. This would result in easier organization and retrieval of stored items.

Increased Storage Capacity

When it comes to increasing storage capacity, the hydraulic storage bed frame’s benefits outshine that of the conventional storage bed with drawers. An average hydraulic storage bed frame has a storage depth of 10-12 inches, whilst an average storage bed with drawers has a storage depth of 8-10 inches. This means that conventional storage beds with drawers lose out on 2-4 inches of storage depth! This proves significant when you calculate the storage volume difference, but let’s not get too complex. Assuming an average queen size bed for both types of beds, with all other factors being similar, the hydraulic storage bed frame creates 32 cubic feet of storage space, whilst the storage bed with drawers creates 20-25 cubic feet. This is 7-12 cubic feet more, or ~50% more storage space! Storage beds with drawers of larger sizes will lose out on additional storage space due to the drawer compartment area that the hydraulic storage bed frame does not consume. Besides the greater storage volume, the hydraulic storage bed frame also allows more effective organization of your items by fully utilizing the storage space. It can be difficult to arrange items in the storage compartment of a storage bed with drawers as spaces aligned with each drawer are separated. Bulkier items that would be more efficiently stored simply laying on an area with the absence of drawers would have no special space to go, and smaller loose items would be harder to compartmentalize. With the hydraulic storage bed frame, simply installing an additional divider to separate specific spaces will organize items even within the storage compartment itself by creating sub-compartments. This cannot be done as efficiently with a storage bed with drawers due to space limitations imposed by the drawers, nor can similar item arrangement efforts match the space efficiency of the sub-compartments.

Easy Organization

The organization of stored goods and access to them is very important for our lives. Quality of life can be increased if things are organized. An unorganized environment will definitely cause stress instead of solving it. It will also waste a lot of time when looking for something/items that are urgently needed, and finally this will actually reduce the value of an item. Often, we do not realize that we have wasted space and money to buy something that already exists. A storage bed makes it easy to have good organization and simplify access to stored items. With storage beds, goods can be stored in different compartments based on the category. Stored items will be separated from the dust because they are stored in a closed compartment. Access to stored items is easier with a storage bed compared to a regular bed with the use of a hydraulic system on top of the mattress to lift the bed platform, or by simply pulling out a drawer on the side. This will make people more concerned with good organization because it equates the ease of access to stored items. There are two common methods of storing things on storage beds. The first is by dividing the storage based on compartments, and the second is the use of drawers. Stored items will be easier to see if stored in different compartments; it is also easier to retrieve items. Usually, the second method is used for storing clothes, drawing a parallel as if the stored clothes are in a cabinet. Storage of clothes using a drawer has the advantage of easier loading and unloading because it does not need to bend like the storage using compartments. Both methods have their respective advantages. Storage beds with drawers are the same as having an additional chest of drawers when saving space. Basically, having different methods won’t change the current lifestyle, about how easy we forget the location of our stored items. But regardless, good organization will definitely increase the quality of life up a notch.

Space Optimization

Hydraulic storage beds have a large storage capacity in a side-on space, allowing them to free up the large space in the center of a room. Combining this with their ability to access items, which is normally sacrificed by normal storage beds, and easy access to organize items, they can enable a downsizing of the flat or replacement of the room in the above examples. The volume of items on the floor and stored in a space-consuming haphazard manner can now reside in a space that has been freed up for more productive uses, giving in to the demands of today’s modern concept homes.

For space-saving furniture to make sense, it must optimize the space it is saving. In many cases, storage beds seem like a drastic solution by sacrificing a double bed for a single in order to access the storage space from on top. Although it is sometimes possible to get a comfortable night’s sleep on a sofa bed, we would not want our friends and family to do so if turn space is not a major issue. The same can be said for a single bed. Even in homes where there is not enough space for a double bed, storage solutions must not waste what little space is available. Having ease of access to well-organized items will alleviate the need to clutter your living space with items that are “in the way,” in the hopes that they will be useful at some point in the future. If the items are easily accessible and you are confident of their usability, you would be less tempted to get your excellent value out of something you never use. Measures such as these contribute to a maximization of space that enabled the downsizing of an overcrowded 5-room HDB flat to a 3-room executive flat or the replacement of a 3-roomer with a spacious modern concept 2-room flat.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Bed

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the size and dimensions of the storage bed. Before beginning your search, measure the space in which your bed will be placed. This includes the length, width, and height of the area. You’ll want to make sure that the bed you choose will not only fit in the space provided but will leave enough room to easily move about the room. Keep the measurements you’ve taken in mind and use them as a reference point when browsing for a bed. While doing so, take a look at the amount of storage space that the bed provides. This can usually be found in the product details and will list the bed’s dimensions and the amount of space provided in terms of cubic feet. If storage space is a main concern, this will be an important factor to look at.

When it comes to choosing the right storage bed, there are a few factors that you’ll definitely want to keep in mind. While it may be tempting to opt for the first nice-looking storage bed that you come across, it’s important to remember that looks can often be deceiving. Here are four factors that you’ll want to consider when choosing your storage bed.

Size and Dimensions

The size of the storage unit is also an important consideration. This may vary depending on the type of storage bed or the brand. For example, certain hydraulic storage bed frames may only have 2 compartments at the foot of the bed, while others can have up to 4 or even 8 compartments. These can also affect the dimensions of the bed, as storage bed with more compartments may require more space, or the bed may be longer than usual in order to accommodate the extra storage units. This is also the same for storage beds with drawers; the size of the bed and the number of drawers can vary, so it is wise to check the dimensions of the bed and the storage units before making a decision.

When opting for a storage bed, it is important to first take measurements of your room, as well as take into consideration the layout. If you are looking at hydraulic storage bed frames, they are usually only available in specific sizes – single, super single, queen or king. This might limit the choices of those who are looking for custom made beds or odd sized beds. Furthermore, hydraulic storage beds require space at the side of the bed to allow the user to easily access the storage compartments. It also requires some clearance space around the bed to allow the storage compartments to open fully. As such, hydraulic storage bed frames may not be suitable for small bedrooms or odd shaped bedrooms. Storage beds with drawers are generally more flexible in terms of sizes as they can be custom made, and the clearance space required around the bed will be lesser compared to hydraulic storage bed frames.

Material and Durability

A major determinant for the quality of any product, the materials from which the storage bed is made greatly dictate its durability, how long it will last, and how well it will hold up to daily usage. As Singaporean homes are typically small, every possible amount of space is utilized and the storage bed will often become the main focus of the bedroom, doubling as a storage area and sitting surface. Therefore, the frame must be durable enough to take a fair amount of weight without sustaining damage. High-quality hardwoods such as teak and mahogany are the best option for their strength and resistance to decay, though they may be heavy and cumbersome to raise when accessing storage space. Particleboard and medium-density fiberboard are also adequate, though they tend to be less reliable over time. Metal frames are generally not a suitable option as they are prone to bending and warping. For hydraulically supported storage space, the pistons have to be made of good quality materials to prevent rust and bending. Often a steel or iron piston will be coated with zinc, though high grades of plastics and fiberglass have been known to work effectively. For storage drawers, the most important factor will be the quality of the rails as this will dictate the ease of access and continued usage of the drawers. Cheaper wooden rails should be avoided as they tend to jam and break, preventing the drawer from opening and effectively making the storage space useless. High-grade steel or aluminum rails with ball bearing rollers are the most suitable, providing a smooth and quiet drawer operation and lasting a very long time. The drawer itself can be made from a variety of materials and the sturdiness will generally reflect the quality of the bed, though the best results are often found with drawers made of solid hardwoods.

Style and Design

The design and style of the storage bed frame are important as this piece of furniture will likely be the centerpiece of a bedroom. Storage bed frames come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from traditional Asian platform designs to more modern and contemporary styles. Those who fancy a more timeless appearance to their furniture would prefer a wooden storage bed frame, such as those from brands like Picket and Rail or Mountain Teak. Wooden storage bed frames tend to be sturdy and durable and often come with other furniture in a set. This may appeal to families looking to redecorate the entire bedroom. For something with a more modern look, leather storage bed frames are an excellent choice. Brands such as Novena, Cellini, and Locus Habitat offer a variety of chic and stylish designs, with leather bed frames generally conveying a more elegant and luxurious feel. However, the downside to leather is that it scratches and peels easily. Storage bed frames made with fabric are also a good choice and have the advantage of coming in various styles, fabric colors, and designs. Coming from brands such as Mustafa and Ikea, fabric storage bed frames are lightweight and easy to move, with certain models offering customers the choice to customize their desired fabric design.

This can vary between different types of users. If you enjoy hosting guests or spending time with the family in the living room, you may want a bed frame with a headboard to support you while sitting. If you find yourself on the bed often working on a laptop or reading, bed frames without a headboard may appeal more to you. Ultimately, storage bed frames are a clever way to achieve an organized home without sacrificing comfort or style. When you look at all the best storage beds in Singapore, it is no surprise to see many great designs to meet the needs of various users.

Budget and Price Range

The price of a storage bed may have implications on the quality of the bed. Consumers with higher budgets can go for more expensive beds which are of better quality and brands can make a difference too. To assess whether a bed is worth its price, it is important to consider up reviews and check that the bed suits the individual’s storage needs. Additionally, do look out for discounts and promotions to save on costs.

Hydraulic storage bed frames are generally more expensive as compared to storage beds with drawers as it operates with a mechanism which raises the bed structure to reveal storage space. This technology offers convenience for users but it may add on to the price of the bed. Storage beds with drawers only require additional cost on the drawers installed which can be an easier alternative. It is important to take note that the prices of storage beds can be significantly higher than standard bed frames and mattresses and shipment costs can add to the overall price too. It may be tempting to overspend but always remember to work with a budget and seek to get a storage bed worth its value.

For those with a strict budget when it comes to purchasing a storage bed, prices of storage beds are dependent on the size and type of bed. For a storage bed from IKEA in a double size, it can range from $199 to $399. The price can go higher depending on the type of bed, for instance a hydraulic bed frame and a full-fledged storage bed can range from $699 to $1599 for queen sizes and king sizes.


In summary, both hydraulic storage bed frames and storage beds with drawers serve as viable options in storage utilization, both having their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to recognize that the needs for storage differ from individual to individual, hence both options serve as suitable storage solutions for different consumers. However, if superior storage capacity and ease of accessibility are vital for an individual, the hydraulic storage bed frame stands as the optimum choice presented in terms of storage furniture for the citizens of Singapore. storage bedframe sg Both options offer suitable storage solutions, but hydraulic bed frames provide superior capacity and accessibility.

Home is where the heart is, but in the context of a modern and cosmopolitan city-state like Singapore, living space is luxury in itself. Seemingly, storage options in the country are limited due to the space constraints faced by the citizens. Having explored the various aspects of hydraulic storage bed frames and storage beds with drawers, superiority is found in hydraulic storage bed frames due to its advanced system of storage and convenience.

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