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Maximizing Space and Style: A Comprehensive Guide to Hydraulic Storage Beds in Singapore

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As society becomes more focused around consumption, the size of many homes in Singapore has projected downwards. This has made the effective use of space more important than ever and continuously forced homeowners to think of creative ways to either maximize their space to live in or to store their belongings. The invention of hydraulic storage beds enables homeowners to do both. A storage bed incorporates a large usable storage area, directly under the mattress foundation of the bed – an area of the bed which otherwise goes to waste. With the use of the hydraulic mechanism, lifting the bed to access this precious storage space is both easy and safe. This makes it perfect for storing everyday items, such as clothes and books, seasonal items like clothing and shoes, or even bedding items such as blankets and pillows – and it does so by taking up the same amount of floor space a regular bed would.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to hydraulic storage beds – an informative resource for homeowners who are considering making the switch to this innovative and stylish space-saving solution. This guide has been developed to provide an all-encompassing collection of information about hydraulic storage beds in Singapore, covering a range of information to assist with the decision-making process linked to this all-important purchase. From the benefits of a hydraulic storage bed to the different styles available to the relevant information needed to make an informed size choice and ultimately how to make a purchase, we offer a complete look at why a hydraulic storage bed is an investment that you won’t regret.

Benefits of Hydraulic Storage Beds

Who would ever pass on an opportunity to store items at home and save space at the same time? When it comes to multi-functionality in living spaces, hydraulic storage beds are supreme. In comparison to regular beds, most hydraulic storage bed bases go into the category of premium products. Reducing wear and tear and possible damage to floorboards which may be caused by dragging and manhandling conventional beds to gain access to underbed storage, hydraulic storage beds utilise a simple fingertip lift system to elevate the mattress frame with the minimum of effort. Loading large items into drawers can be much more convenient than attempting to lift them under the edges of divan bases with conventional side opening ottoman bases, as with a bed that’s not too heavy to lift, mattresses can be easily raised to access the entire storage area. These functionalities are the best benefits of hydraulic storage beds. Being able to store bulky items with easy access is the best! Especially if you are not too mobile.

Different Types of Hydraulic Storage Beds

On the other hand, the pull-out storage bed has an easier access storage compartment but requires more effort to access it. The compartment is a tray-like space on the floor, which can be pulled out from either side of the bed. This type of storage bed is suitable for people who need to access the stored items often because the items are at ground level and are always within arm’s reach. An example would be storing bed sheets and towels and needing to access them to restock the linen cupboard. hydraulic storage bed singapore There are two other types of hydraulic storage beds available: the ottoman storage bed and the lift-up storage bed.

With regards to the lift-up storage bed (also called the hydraulic storage bed), the mattress is lifted up in order to access the storage compartment. The lifting mechanism is similar to that of a car boot, where minimal effort is needed to raise the mattress. Lift-up storage beds are ideal for people who wish to store large amounts of items, yet do not need to access them on a regular basis. The space under the mattress is easily accessed and in some cases, the mattress can be left in the lifted position without falling down on top of the user.

It’s important to first understand the two different types of hydraulic storage beds that one can find in Singapore. The two main types of storage beds are the lift-up storage bed and the pull-out storage bed. The difference between the two lies within the way that the storage compartment is accessed.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Space

The storage capacity required in the bed is a factor that heavily correlates to bed size. For couples sharing a bed and a room, a double bed with 4 equal sized storage compartments would provide ample storage space. Someone with a lot of items which are rarely accessed or a single person with a large room may be able to afford the space that a king size bed with 6 compartments all of different sizes would consume. Consideration of the storage area should also factor the weight of the items to be stored and any possible physical limitations of the user. High storage beds accessed by lifting the mattress may not be suitable for elderly people or those with back problems.

When deciding on the size of your new storage bed, there are many considerations that must be thought of before rushing out to make the purchase. The first and probably most obvious question is to ask how much space you have in the room for the bed, and how much space you actually need in the storage area. Sizing the bed for the room is obviously imperative, leaving too little space in the bedroom could defeat the object of buying a storage bed in the first place. Advocates of storage beds often find themselves in smaller living quarters such as studio apartments, rented rooms or student accommodation, here an ottoman style or a bed with smaller but more deep and accessible storage may be more suitable.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Hydraulic Storage Bed

When purchasing a hydraulic storage bed, there are a multitude of important factors to consider in order to ensure you purchase the right bed for your house or flat. By covering all of these factors, this guide will give you the best possible chance to narrow down which bed to purchase. Some of these factors will be more important than others, depending on your individual circumstances (family size, space available, etc). At the very outset, it is important that you are comfortable with the proficiency of the hydraulic functionality of the bed. A hydraulic bed has a lifting platform which opens from the top, rather than the traditional divan which has drawers in the base. It is essential that the hydraulic system is fitted with a lock-tight mechanism which stops the bed from closing by itself. A locking clip is not sufficient when it comes to safety for children – this needs to be a hydraulic system with a double piston mechanism. It is also important that there is a gap around the edge of the bed frame for you to lift the bed, as well as lifting handles. Many cheaper beds have a metal frame with no discernible way of lifting the bed. This can be unsafe and it is possible that the mattress would need to be supported from the ground. This means that the mattress will have been on the floor and in constant contact with dust, which can cause a variety of problems for people with allergies.

Single Storage Beds in Singapore

Polo is a simple and elegant design. It provides a solution for those wanting to maximize their bedroom space. This bed is really functional and it is Aussie made by a reputable manufacturer. With the option of 2 or 4 drawers, it is ideal for kids or the guest bedroom. This is a very stylish and modern bed that still offers 22cm of storage space under the bed. single storage bed singapore It is perfect for small rooms or apartments.

The Texas single wooden bed is an economical and simple design. This pine wood bed offers two optional drawers for the base, which is great for kids’ toys or spare linen.

A single bed with storage actually brings style to someone’s living space. It takes a reduced amount of space and makes the room look spacious and functional. A single bed is best suited for children or for guests. Children have a habit of having everything in the playroom or the bedroom, for that matter.

Features and Advantages of Single Storage Beds

There are many designs of storage beds, but their main feature is the lift-up mechanism. There is no need to move the whole bed just to access the storage space, and with the added gas lift, it makes lifting the bed a breeze. The lift-up mechanism is rather easy to maintain, but kids might play around with it, and it is dangerous if their fingers get caught when the bed is lowered down. So it is advised not to let kids play around with it.

Single storage beds are multifunctional more than their form. They are the perfect choice for those who enjoy maximizing space. The lift mechanism allows you to access the under storage easily and quickly store things you need, make a quick clean up for your bedroom, or secret away items. The function is not only limited to providing extra storage for your bedroom, it can also be an alternative to a wardrobe, storing heavy items, and can be used to store rarely used items. Generally, a storage bed has three main functions: storing items, which in return creates a cleaner and tidier environment, creating more space in your bedroom, and lastly, providing an alternative storage solution for certain items.

Popular Single Storage Bed Designs in Singapore

Cabin bed: The single bed frame with a storage space above the mattress. The design comes with a staircase to access the elevated bed, which consists of drawers or a pull-out wardrobe beneath the staircase and another storage cabinet underneath the bed. This design is suitable for kids or teenagers, where they can store their clothes and personal items in the storage compartments for easy access.

Pull-out beds: Single bed with a smaller bed frame and mattress stored below the main bed frame. The lower frame usually comes with caster wheels for easy maneuvering. Pull out the lower bed frame when there are extra guests. This design is ideal for a guest room or a kid’s room.

Single under-bed storage: Single bed with a storage compartment beneath the bed. The storage compartment can be in the form of a drawer or a cabinet. This design is space-saving and is suitable for kids or teenagers, where they can keep their toys or items in the compartment for easy access.

Tips for Maximizing Space with Single Storage Beds

Maximizing space and using smart storage is really important in a bedroom. A single bed is often the easiest solution for children’s rooms or a spare bedroom. In small space where there is not much room for a large cabinet or wardrobe, a single storage bed is the best solution as it provides ample storage space and you don’t have to add another item of furniture. One of the best things about a single storage bed is you can add to it over time as your child’s clothing and toy collection grows, they are also ideal for storing seasonal clothes, bedding or towels in a spare bedroom. When looking for a single storage bed it is vital to consider the style and design, as most single beds cater for children you might find some of the designs unsuitable long term. Always go for a timeless look that can see your child into their teenage years. Some beds come with headboards and what is great about storage beds with a headboard is that they often have storage space attached to the headboard itself, these are great for keeping books and small items. Always avoid beds with drawers as an alternative to a storage compartment, drawers take up a lot of space and do not solve the purpose of creating more space.

Super Single Storage Beds in Singapore

Next would be safety. Parents always want the best for their kids. With the clutter of toys and little space in the room, it’s common that kids may trip and fall. It’s more prevalent when the floor space is small and there is not much space between the bed and the door. Tripping near the door may result in the door hitting and injuring the child. With the storage bed, you can store unneeded items and shift the bed to the centre of the room to create ample space around and between the bed and the door. This would in turn help reduce the chances of an accident occurring at home.

Space is often a big issue for homeowners. When you have little space, it will mean that you will need to be smart about what you bring home. Super single storage beds come with pull out drawers at the bottom of the bed. Most storage beds come with 2 pull out drawers and are able to store a weight of 60kg on each drawer. This would equate to the storage of items in a small wardrobe. Having a storage bed would mean that you may not need a wardrobe taking up space in your bedroom. You can store clothes, bedsheets or even the luggage you use once a year into these drawers. Storage beds come in all sizes. If you have kids and are looking to change their single beds to super single beds, storage beds are also available in super single size and would help your kids to keep their room neat too. With the extra space, it would be a lot easier to clean the room too. A neater room helps anyone feel more comfortable. A comfortable room would mean a more comfortable sleep. With much research linking quality of sleep to the amount of sleep, your bed has a part to play in this too. The comfortable Dunlopillo mattresses in Singapore would make a great combination with a storage bed.

Do you struggle with keeping your personal space at home neat and tidy? In Singapore, not utilizing space (especially if you are staying in a HDB flat) efficiently may lead to clutter at home. And as we all know, clutter at home often leads to clutter in the mind. We lose focus and feel more stressed out at home. As such, choosing the right furniture that helps you maximize space is crucial. Super single storage beds in Singapore are a great choice for those hoping to kill two birds with one stone – maximizing space while staying stylish at home. Here are some benefits of super single storage beds.

Benefits of Super Single Storage Beds

Benefits of Super Single Storage Beds

Some benefits are specific to a super single storage bed due to the size. There are no other types of beds that serve you with the bed size and also generous storage space. Super single size bedding is suitable for a school-going child or a teenager, not too small and not too big, just nice for them to sleep comfortably. So having storage within their reach will make their life much easier. They can keep their belongings or even other things like books or toys. This will educate them to be more tidy and they will also easily find their stuff. With that, you can also prevent your children from keeping too much stuff in their bedroom as the storage in the bed is limited, thus making it easier to clean their room. Some parents even get one for their children. Another very practical benefit of a bed with storage is for frequently used items or extra bedding. Super single storage bed is just nice for a guest room. The bed can accommodate kids or adults and the storage space below can be used to store guest bedding and bath items. This will make such items easy to locate and conveniently close by the sleeping area. Items such as blankets, linens, towels, and washcloths can be stored in the drawers or simply placed in affordable and attractive wicker baskets for easy access. This will save a lot of space instead of having an extra cabinet or a storage rack and it will also enhance the room’s appearance.

Stylish Super Single Storage Bed Options in Singapore

Our stylish fabric sanded Gladstone beds from England offer a modern and slimline headboard with deep storage units at the side. Choose between the 4-drawer configuration totaling 14 inches in storage depth or the cubed unit for easier access to your items. The bedstead is built with good quality timber and upholstered with high-quality sanded fabric imported from Australia. This bed is built to last. Available in over 10 fabric choices, the fabric sanded Gladstone bed can be customized to your bedroom theme. This bed is essential for those looking to mix a modern feel with ample space-saving. These beds are fast-selling, and stock is limited with the next shipment 2 months away. Consider our popular Gladstone line with our storage bed to turn your bedroom into a storage heaven today.

Despite being the most compact size among the single/super single size beds, the super single hydraulic storage bed offers the most storage space compared to your storage bed options in the single/super single, king, and queen size beds. While all storage beds would maximize space in your bedroom, super single storage beds maximize space in the master bedroom. This is crucial in a country like Singapore where the majority are living in HDB flats. As an example, from mega stores like IKEA, a queen-size MALM bed takes up 3.28 square meters. Comparing to The Bunk Bed guys queen-size with… would be less than half the space in square meters. This is astonishing considering one bed has twice as much storage as the other. At the same time, a super single storage bed can look less imposing in a smaller bedroom while still easing the space constraints.

Organizing Tips for Super Single Storage Beds

Take advantage of the additional storage space! The best part of a Super Single Storage Bed is the organization capacity. Smaller items can be sorted in a drawer or compartment easily. Use drawer dividers to separate different types of items. Label removal boxes with the contents and date. Put the least used items at the back of the storage area and the most used items in the front. This will prevent any unnecessary digging around in the storage area when you are looking for something. Basically, be logical about what you store in the storage area. You will be glad to have stored things in an organized manner when you need to retrieve it at a later date. Remember to not store too many items underneath the mattress. This will affect the hydraulic lifting mechanism. Overloading the storage area will end up in time-consuming re-organization and possibly costly repairs.

Maintenance and Care for Hydraulic Storage Beds

Like a car, the hydraulic mechanism should be lubricated every six months. This will ensure smooth operation and prevent unnecessary strain on the lifters. Use a lightweight oil, such as sewing machine oil, and do not oversoak the area, as this may drip onto the mattress when the bed is lifted. Wipe away excess oil with a rag. After oiling, activate the hydraulic lifters a few times so that the oil spreads evenly and reaches all joints. This action will also expel any air that may have entered the hydraulic system.

Upholstery cleaning should occur regularly. Under normal usage, at least a weekly vacuuming is recommended to remove dust and grit that can cause fabric abrasion. Avoid using a high suction vacuum with the rotating brush, as this can cause damage to the fabric. Cloth and textile materials should be cleaned properly with a dry cleaning solvent so that the fabric does not lose its color or shrink with excessive moisture. Spots and spills should be cleaned immediately with an absorbent cloth by blotting, rather than rubbing. Although most fabric upholstery has been chemically treated during production for stain resistance and cleaning ease, further application of fabric protection is recommended.

Hydraulic storage beds are prized for their practicality and ease of use, but like any other bed, they require special care to maintain their functionality and appearance. A well-maintained hydraulic bed will continue to function optimally and provide a tidy and clutter-free storage space. This chapter is a guide to general care and maintenance for hydraulic storage beds.

Cleaning and Upholstery Care

Pillows that are used on the bed can become quite dirty from hair oil, head sweat, etc. It is best to clean these as often as possible to prevent any stains or spills onto the bed fabric. It is not recommended to wash the pillow shells in a washing machine as the agitation and heat can damage the fabric and fade the color over time. Hand washing is best. If there are any small stains on the bed fabric from a pillow spill, follow the previous cleaning steps.

As cleaning the fabric removes the stain, it also removes some of the water and oil repellency. It is advised that the fabric be treated with a new coating to maintain the original characteristics. There are many products available. Following the instructions of the specific protector, apply it by spraying an even coat and allowing it to dry. This is an excellent idea if the bed is in a child’s room or is used regularly for recreation and can be repeated over time.

Stains 1-7 can be removed using a solution of: 1 tbsp of enzyme laundry detergent 3 tbsp of water Mix this into a small container, adding water or detergent to get the correct consistency. Use a soft bristle brush and a circular motion starting from the outside of the stain working inwards. Blot thoroughly with an absorbent pad and rinse with water. Repeat if needed. Due to the variations of microfiber fabric, it is suggested that the cleaning products are first tested on a small area of the bed frame that is not visible and to follow the cleaning product instructions carefully.

One common fabric that the bed frame will be made of is micro suede, and removing stains from a micro suede fabric can be tricky. The first step will be to identify the stain and try to target the stained area with the appropriate cleaner. Although high water temperature results in the best clean, it is good to avoid this and hand wash with cool water or use a solvent. Always remember to dry with a hair dryer on low heat or let it air dry. This fabric can be very stubborn, so do not be disheartened if the first attempt does not remove the stain completely. Repeat attempts will not damage the quality of the fabric if done correctly. Unfortunately, if the spillage has soaked through into the frame, it would be best to contact the manufacturer for instructions on removing the stain. Any attempt to remove a stain soaked through the fabric will result in voiding the warranty because it may cause damage to the hydraulic storage mechanism.

Maintaining the Hydraulic Mechanism

The most common kinds of hydraulic beds are those with a spring action mechanism as it ensures that the person in charge does not have a hernial rupture trying to open the bed. The mechanism usually comprises a spring situated in the middle flanked by two other small springs or coils. This system is usually assembled on a wooden plank which is itself assembled on the steel frame of the bed. Some higher cost beds are with gas-filled European mechanisms in which the springs are replaced by pistons and levers. Whatever the mechanism, it is recommended that you refer to the manufacturer’s manual. The following guideline is an overview of the common practices adopted.

Hydraulic beds are high-end, state-of-the-art kinds of beds. They are the result of research, design, and technology. They provide an answer to the space constraint, storage, and usability of various kinds of rooms. With the increasing cost of living, real estate is becoming more and more costly. Consequently, your bedroom may be a single room in a shared apartment, a bed-sit room, or a bedroom in a vertical or horizontal condominium. This kind of bed can go a long way to serve your needs. Whether for a child’s room, a master bedroom, or a room in a hostel dormitory, this bed is viable for all. And with such a useful and functional piece of furniture, it is important to know how to maintain and repair.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

A common problem which sometimes occurs with a hydraulic storage bed is that it won’t stay up once you have opened it to get something out of the storage space. If this happens, the most likely cause is that the hydraulic struts have lost their effectiveness. This could be due to a number of factors such as the bed being overloaded or that the struts are just old and need replacing. As a quick fix for this problem, you can find locking hinges at most hardware stores. Locking hinges are effectively a hinge with a locking system which holds them in position. To fix the original hinges you used to open the bed, you’ll need to make sure the bed is open at its normal height and then drill a hole through the hinge into a section of the hinge bracket, so that the hole goes through two sections of the hinge: the one on the part which moves and the one on the part which doesn’t move. With the hole drilled, put a screw through the hole and into the second part of the hinge so that it holds. Repeat this process with all hinges. This process should restore the effectiveness of the hydraulic struts so that the bed will stay in the open position, but if this hasn’t fixed the original problem, it still may be necessary to replace the struts.

When you are troubleshooting a problem with a hydraulic storage bed, the first thing to do is to look at the manual which came with the bed and check out the troubleshooting section. If the problem is not easily fixed, contact the supplier or manufacturer and speak to them about the problems before attempting to fix it yourself. The supplier or manufacturer should have the best knowledge of their product and should be able to give you sound advice on what to do to fix the problem.

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