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Understanding Queen Size Bed Dimensions in Singapore

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The queen size bed is also a great choice for people who sleep alone and require the extra space. The size might be a little expensive for one person, but the comfort and space is well worth the cost. This bed allows singles to move around at night in a comfortable position without being too confined in a tight space. With the amount of bedroom space being tight for today’s growing families, more singles are forced to occupy smaller living quarters. The queen size bed offers the comfort of a larger bed but only takes up the space of a small one.

Queen size beds are the most popular beds being sold today. Whether you are looking for your own bed or for your children or your guest room, the queen size bed is a great choice. They are a great size. They are not too big and not too small, it is exactly right. Couples prefer this size bed because it fits well into most bedrooms and does not take up too much space. A queen size bed also allows a little more space for two people to sleep, if the bed is not being shared. And when it is being shared, most couples feel a lot closer to each other when sleeping in a queen size bed.

What is a queen size bed?

A queen size bed has become one of the most popular bed sizes both in the United States and abroad. Referred to as the “smaller” of the standard sizes of king and queen, a queen size bed is in fact 6″ wider and 5″ longer than a standard double bed and 6″ wider and 5″ longer than a California queen bed, with the added length making it ideal for comfortable adult use. Even though it’s relatively new for this particular size bed to have a specific name, queen size bed is perfect for growing families or spacious for single adult person who likes extra sleeping space. A queen size bed provides enough sleeping space for two adults, without them having to sleep close enough for body heat to be a problem. These beds are most commonly used in master bedrooms or bedrooms designated for couples since the increased sleeping space and bed size still easily fits into most average size bedrooms. With queen size mattresses being the most popular mattress size on the market, it is easy to find accompanying bedding or other bed accessories. queen size bed size is 60″ wide by 80″ long, making it ideal for a comfortable and spacious sleeping experience. According to exact dimensions, a queen size bed is 60 x 80″. While the amount of sleeping space will not vary, the actual mattress and frame size can be altered to fit your needs. When selecting a specific bed frame, it is beneficial to consider the added space at the top from a headboard and footboard. Measures on mattresses will still remain the same. For tall people, this added length provides ample room for comfortable sleep. A queen size bed provides an excellent balance between sleeping space and living space. For single sleepers, the extra room can provide a sense of added luxury and comfort. For couples, this bed size can be the difference between a happy and less tense sleeping relationship. The increased length and width makes for a stronger relationship due to individual comfort. With this added personal space, it reduces disturbance of sleeping partners and provides a better night’s sleep. queen size bed dimensions cm singapore However, it is important to note that the dimensions of a queen size bed may vary in Singapore, depending on the manufacturer and specific model.

Importance of understanding bed dimensions

Choosing a queen mattress can be a difficult task as there are many types available in the market. Always remember to keep note of what you are looking for and measure the dimensions of the mattress and box spring in order not to get the wrong size. Now buying the right queen size mattress is really important. A standard queen sized mattress measures 60 x 80 inches and this sells all over Singapore. Always measure the mattress dimensions and be aware of the different sizes. If you get the wrong size, you might not be able to use it.

The queen size bed is very popular among the HDB flats and condominiums in Singapore. It fits almost every type of room size. One other thing is that most rooms today are designed with a queen size bed in mind. Anything smaller would make your room feel empty. Coming back to the conclusion, it is pretty easy to place a queen size bed into your bedroom. Queen size frames are designed to support its mattress and will have a small ledge on the sides to hold the mattress in place. Now buying a frame and a mattress can be a real problem. If you are choosing a really large mattress, it might be a bit difficult to find a queen size frame for it as there are many different sizes in frames today. Always measure the dimensions of your mattress set and match it with the frame.

Buying a queen size bed in Singapore can be a great investment. There are few who actually regret making this decision because of the benefits that it brings. Many people are often discouraged by the price tag, but to tell you the truth, if you think in the long term, the queen size bed would actually be the best choice mainly because of the benefits that it brings and its worth your investment.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions in Singapore

Standard queen size bed dimensions are 190cm in length and 150cm in width. The thickness of a mattress can range from 8 inches to around 12 inches. It is important to note that the dimensions stated on the mattress label do not include the thickness of the mattress. Do take note that this size is also commonly referred to as an “Asian Queen” by local furniture salesmen.

Queen size bed dimensions in Singapore are a hot topic among people who are looking to place them in a confined space with barely sufficient space to fit it in. A Queen Size bed is able to fulfill the gap between a single size bed and a King. Most local factory-made queen size mattresses are either 190cm by 150cm, 190cm by 152cm, or 190cm by 153cm. Basically, the length and width of a factory-made queen size mattress do not differ much from one another; it is the thickness of the mattress that varies. The thickness of the mattress should also be taken into consideration as it may affect the final dimensions of your fitted sheets.

Standard queen size bed dimensions

A standard queen size bed measures 1.5m wide by 1.9m in length. This is a very good starting point to use for reference. A queen size bed is slightly larger than a double bed and smaller than a king size bed. It is not a common bed size in SE Asia but can be found in some luxury homes or condominiums. If a room can fit a queen size bed, there will be more accommodation for movement and other furniture. Queen size beds are not commonly found in Asia simply because typically, homes are smaller and a queen size bed would take up the majority of the space in a small room. Queen size beds take on the design of most king size beds. They are constructed with two separate bases and a unified top. Trying to purchase a completely solid queen size mattress will be a little more difficult, but fabric stores will have more luck in customizing a mattress size they need. An Olympic queen size bed is six inches wider than a standard queen-sized bed. It is important to be certain you are aware of the dimensions of the bed you are ordering bed sheets for, especially when sizes are so similar. This is not a common size in Asia, and finding bed sheets for this size may be difficult. It won’t hurt to buy a set overseas and bring them back to Singapore.

Variations in queen size bed dimensions

There are 2 variations of Queen size bed, namely the Queen Size and the Super Queen size which is more suitable for taller persons. The Queen Size bed is 190.5 cm (6 feet 3 inches) long which is the same length as the Standard King and the Super Queen size bed is 203 cm (6 feet 8 inches) in length. Comparing that the common height of a Singaporean adult male is about 169.5 cm tall and an adult female is about 159.5 cm tall, by simple division allows us to know the amount of space an average couple can expect to have when sleeping on a Queen size bed. Queen size (Singaporean): 152.4 cm x 190.5 cm Adult Male: 169.5 cm ÷ 190.5 cm x 100 ≈ 89% Adult Female: 159.5 cm ÷ 190.5 cm x 100 ≈ 84% Super Queen size: 182.9 cm x 203.2 cm Adult Male: 169.5 cm ÷ 203.2 cm x 100 ≈ 83% Adult Female: 159.5 cm ÷ 203.2 cm x 100 ≈ 79%

Double Bed Size and Beyond

Once you’ve decided you would like to purchase a bed, it is probably a good idea to start researching the types available. If you plan to have a couple of people in the bed, you may want to look at a double bed, or larger. Double bed sizes in Singapore may differ, so it is always best to measure out the actual size in your living space later on. A common misconception about double beds is that they’re the same as two single beds pushed together, but in reality they’re much larger. Below are the double bed dimensions: Standard double bed size: 137cm x 187cm Small double bed size: 122cm x 187cm As you can see, the standard sizes for double beds is a great size, especially if you like to move around when you sleep or it is a bed shared by two people. A small double bed could be a bit of a tight squeeze, so it is best to upsize if you may be of above average size, or like to have pets share the bed. Exploring Larger Bed Sizes Anything larger than a double bed is great if you have a sleeping partner to still have the sufficient space to both sleep soundly. If you have the space for a wide bed and plan to purchase one, it is always best to make sure you have the correct measurements on the amount of space the bed frame will actually take up, should have add-ons like a bedside table. Always remember that sizes in Singapore may differ, so measure the space to take into consideration.

Understanding double bed dimensions

A visual size comparison between two single beds pushed together and a queen bed. The difference is clear at a glance. double bed size The queen bed is significantly larger than the two single beds.

The other type of double bed goes by various names such as “super single”, “queen bed”, “long double”, etc. This size is 60″ x 78″ and is essentially a width increase of 6″ and a length increase of 3″ from the regular single bed. Unfortunately, this size is also occasionally referred to as a queen-size bed, creating more confusion.

The better-known size of the double bed is often referred to as just a “double bed”. This size is 54″ x 75″ and is 15″ wider than a regular single bed. This may seem to be an adequate increase in size, but when considering the size of a couple, the 27″ decrease in width compared to a single bed is not significant. Step into any hotel and their double bed couple as a twin share is evidence of this. This size, being an increase in width and length of only 6″, is also insufficient to accommodate persons taller than the average height.

In this section, the main focus will be on the double bed. Its overall dimensions and naming will be discussed. A comparison will be made between the double bed and the regular singles or queen bed to better illustrate the size difference. The term “double bed” can be slightly ambiguous as it seems to have more than one size classification. However, when sizes are compared internationally or even among Singapore bed retailers, two common types of double beds emerge.

Exploring larger bed sizes

Moreover, there are some larger beds that offer other sizes such as “Small Single” (30″ x 75″) and “Super Single” (48″ x 75″). These beds are generally designed for one person due to the lack of width but offer extra length. These bed sizes are used for children and teenagers or when space and room layout is a primary concern. Finally, the largest bed is the “King” or “Queen” bed. These bed sizes have dimensions of 60″ x 78″ for a Queen and 72″ x 78″ for King. In the Western countries, Eastern King bedding is the most common selection amongst couples. The difference between this bed and the Queen is the added width and consequently the ample personal space per person. In Asia, King size beds are the least purchased due to the reality that living spaces are more compact. In such instances, the largest bed, the Queen is employed. In Singapore, Queen Size bed dimensions are 60″ x 75″. Generally, this size bed is most suitable for bedrooms with space limitations because whilst it is the same length as a king size, it offers slightly less width. This size bed is the ultimate selection between bed size and bedroom spacing.

Choosing the Right Bed Size

As for couples with children, consideration should be made towards purchasing two smaller beds than one large bed. This is because the children will eventually grow up and move on to having their own beds so it would be a waste to purchase a large bed when it’s only going to be used for a certain period of time.

For a couple, the general consensus is to always provide as much space as possible to ensure a good night’s rest. This includes going for at least a Queen or King sized bed where these bed sizes can provide an ample amount of space for both individuals. If you are going to use the bed in a Master bedroom where it will be the only bed that you will use, it would be advisable to go for a King sized bed.

If you are sleeping alone, this obviously does not require you providing an answer for anyone else, but it wouldn’t hurt to allot some space for moving around whilst you are in the bedroom. A single sleeper should at least go for a Single or Super Single sized bed so that they can have more space to move around with keeping the option available to squeeze into the bed if the need arises. A Single or Super Single sized bed would also suffice if there is going to be a change in the room’s living space in the future, where the bed can be used in a child’s bedroom or a guestroom.

But how does one decide what the perfect bed size is? When choosing the right bed size, it is important to consider your specific needs in the context of the space available in your bedroom. Factors vary from the number of people who are going to sleep on the bed, the space available in the bedroom to the bed itself where it can come in the form of a storage or a platform bed.

Factors to consider when selecting a bed size

A good starting point would be to take into consideration the amount of sleeping space you have available. The most important thing being to have enough space around the bed and for the door to swing open. If the bed is for a master bedroom, this will usually dictate the choice of bed size. If the space is smaller, a couple may have to opt for a double bed. At the same time, it is worth considering the kind of use the bed will endure. If it’s to be used by a couple for the majority of the time, it would be wise to make room for a king-size bed. Adding kids and pets to the sleep equation equates to a need for more sleeping space. As such, a little extra room, in perhaps a king-size bed, would be more appropriate to accommodate the extra sleepers, despite the decrease in space to walk around. On the other hand, if the bed is for a guest room, the bed size may be a financial compromise, since it makes sense to leave more of the space free for guests. The available space in HDB rooms can range from as little as 9 square meters for a common room to an average of about 15 square meters for a master room. Considering the average living space in Singapore, a queen-size bed would be an ideal choice. With an area of approximately 152cm by 191cm, a queen-size bed leaves between 60-90cm of space around it and can thus fit into even a smaller master room. This leaves plenty of space to walk around and plenty of space left over for other furniture.

Matching bed size with room size

For most, shopping for a bed generally starts with deciding the right bed size. At a minimum, couples always know they will want a Queen or King size bed. But as it depends, another important factor is the decision on which size bedroom the bed will be placed in. Considering the right bed size can be a better alternative that can allow for more space around the rest of the bedroom. Consumers need to also consider the doorways and hallways which will need to be navigated through when the bed is delivered. There’s always a chance an extra large box spring may not make the turn up the steps into the bedroom, or it may be a tight fit in a one-bedroom apartment. Next, it’s imperative to have enough room around the bed for nightstands and dresser or chest. A Queen size bed would pair well with a guest room or apartment for couples, but it’s a bit tight for a master bedroom. It will require minimal walking space and it’s difficult to maneuver a large piece of furniture into the room. These are important factors to consider when thinking long term. Going too big on a bed size and leaving no extra space can be an inconvenience later.

Bed size recommendations based on sleeping preferences

Another thing to consider about and changes with the bed size is the bed’s motion isolation, especially for couples. Motion isolation is defined by the extent to which a bed absorbs or isolates motion caused by one person so that it does not transfer across the bed and disturb the other person. This is extremely important for people who sleep with a partner. Twin and full size beds usually have good motion isolation for single sleepers, but they do not have good enough motion isolation for couples. For queen and king size beds, motion isolation can vary depending on the bed and the person’s perception, but these sizes have the best ability to provide good motion isolation and accommodate sleepers that move frequently or wake up at different times. Given that queen and king size beds have better motion isolation and larger space, you may want to consider getting a queen or king size bed if you tend to lose quality sleep from being woken up or disturbed by a partner.

Based on how people sleep and the size of the person (or people) sleeping in the bed, there are general guidelines for bed sizes suitable for each person or couple. Many people find that a larger bed is necessary as they tend to move around a lot when they sleep. In general, twin size beds are only good for children. If you are an adult and/or sleep with a partner, you will likely be better off with a full size bed or larger. If you and/or your partner are on the larger side, you will be more comfortable in a queen or king size bed. People who sleep alone average a full size; you can use these personal preferences and situations to decide what size bed is best for you.

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