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The Rise of MaxCoil: A Singaporean Mattress Brand Offering Customizable Comfort

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The first and most important step in achieving the ideal sleep begins with the right mattress. MaxCoil understands that no two individuals are exactly the same; everyone has different preferences and needs. Whether it be the firmness, material, or type, there exists an ideal mattress for everyone. MaxCoil’s commitment is to provide the right customized solution for you. With an extensive offering of mattresses, bed frames, and furniture, we are confident in meeting your expectations. Step into our store or view our products online, and you will find what you have been looking for that will change your lifestyle for the better.

Understanding the importance of sleep in an individual’s life, MaxCoil aims to provide the ideal sleep solution in accordance with one’s lifestyle. Living in today’s stressful and fast-paced society, people are worn out from the daily hectic schedules, and thus the importance of sufficient and comfortable sleep becomes ever more crucial. It has a direct impact on our mental and physical well-being, which then affects our performance and relationship with our loved ones.

MaxCoil, a brand well established in the mattress and bed frame industry, has been serving Singapore for over a century. With decades of valuable experience gained from manufacturing rest-assuring, comfortable mattresses, it has evolved into becoming the leading premium mattress brand that it is today. MaxCoil has developed a wide selection of mattresses, bed frames, and furniture to cater to the varied lifestyle demands of today. MaxCoil has upheld its promise in providing their customers with the highest quality and ensuring their customers a comfortable and exceptional sleep experience.

Overview of MaxCoil

With Singapore’s consumers getting more discerning and with the hectic and stressful lifestyle that most people face, providing consumers with deep and restful sleep is becoming more and more important. Sleep is a vital part of good health and well-being throughout one’s life. It is proven that the type of mattress that one sleeps on affects the quality of one’s sleep. A mattress which is comfortable and of good quality can provide you with a better sleep and hence a more energized self and an improved quality of life. MaxCoil understands this and is constantly striving to provide consumers the quality sleep that they deserve with the wide range of bedding products available of various make and feel to cater to different consumer needs.

The MaxCoil brand was first established in 1999 with the commitment to providing customers with a good night’s sleep at an affordable price. Since its establishment, MaxCoil has been committed to integrating the best mattress making technologies with the finest quality materials to provide a range of bedding products that are designed to give customers the ultimate sleep experience. MaxCoil is now well renowned for its excellent quality and workmanship. This is a result of being in the industry for more than a decade and also well supported by a team of committed workers who take pride in whatever they do. With MaxCoil’s extensive knowledge in both mattress making technologies and also consumer needs, MaxCoil is well placed to provide the ideal sleep solution for consumers available in the market today.

Importance of Bed and Mattress Comfort

Importance of Bed and Mattress Comfort The importance of a good quality mattress and bed is often overlooked. A decent mattress ensures a good sleep, which in turn affects our daily performance, mood, and health. Mattresses are a long-term investment as we spend a third of our lives on them, and the subsequent effects of a bad mattress can be damaging. According to The Better Sleep Council, 63% of Americans do not get enough sleep during the week. However, 92% of people say that a comfortable mattress is crucial to getting that good night’s sleep. Good sleep health allows the body to rest, recover, and restore itself, both physically and mentally. A bad mattress can affect spinal alignment, exacerbate lower back problems, cause muscle fatigue, and affect circulation. In particular, those with pre-existing lower back pain are at greater risk of experiencing increased pain with a poor mattress. A recent study has shown that a firm mattress is not necessarily the best mattress. Medium-firm mattresses provide more relief on certain types of chronic low back pain than firm mattresses. The best kind of mattress is one that aligns the spine in a neutral position, providing support and comfort throughout the night. MaxCoil mattresses are made with either pocketed spring or posture pro spring systems. The pocketed spring system works by reducing partner disturbance, whereas the posture pro spring system limits the physiological curvature of the spine to simulate a gravity-free environment; both are aimed at providing a better sleep and better health. MaxCoil mattresses are finished with high-quality damask quilted fabric, which has a luxurious soft and silky feel. High resilient foam is used to provide comfort and insulation, and each mattress comes in a 3-inch pillow top option for better cushioning and comfort. With various mattress options and firmness levels to cater to individual needs, MaxCoil mattresses are designed to provide a good sleep experience and promote good health. A good mattress is not just the only contributor to a good sleep experience. It is equally important to have the right pillow and bolster to provide support for the neck and lower back. This can affect spinal alignment in the same way a bad mattress can. MaxCoil has a range of pillows and bolsters made of natural latex and memory foam designed to provide neck support and enhance sleeping comfort.

MaxCoil Mattress Features

MaxCoil’s mattresses are one of a kind due to its customization options. This allows customers to choose their own firmness level and combine it with customized sizes. Most mattress suppliers only provide mattresses in fixed sizes with fixed firmness level to cater to the general crowd. A fixed firmness level would not be comfortable for everyone as different people have different preferences. Therefore, MaxCoil’s aim is to offer a mattress that is made for everyone. This allows MaxCoil to better meet the needs of their customers as well as allowing the customers to have better quality of sleep. An improved sleep would give rise to better health and higher productivity, which is what MaxCoil ultimately seeks for their customers. The fusion of high quality materials and advanced technology is key to best represent MaxCoil. A good example would be customizable comfort options. MaxCoil offers mattresses combining customization sizes with comfort levels. This includes latex, memory foam, and individual barrel pocket spring system. These comfort options are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of customers, meeting the needs of different people. A person who has joint pains may opt for the mattress with higher firmness level while others might go for the memory foam for a softer experience. MaxCoil’s customizable comfort options are nothing short of luxury at an affordable price, providing a truly unique experience for the individual user. MaxCoil aims to continue the tradition of products that provide comfort, luxury, and innovation in years to come. Moving from its humble beginnings, MaxCoil is causing a quiet revolution to household products throughout the region as well as everyone seeking a truly rejuvenating experience.

Customizable Comfort Options

A good mattress should last you 10 years, and consistent flipping and rotating can make a huge difference in a mattress’s lifespan and comfort level. MaxCoil mattresses are designed to last and with options that allow mattresses to be flipped or rotated, they are easier to maintain and can last even longer. On top of this, a good frame and foundation is key to avoiding sagging and wear, and MaxCoil sells a variety of bed platforms as well.

Thanks to the up-to-date technology used in sleep systems today, it is getting harder to find a mattress so bad it won’t provide a decent night’s sleep. Where the technological advances have truly outperformed sales pitch is in the area of durability and longevity of today’s mattresses. Magnet therapy mattresses and the like are taking things a bit too far (and offering no proven benefits), but materials like memory foam and latex, and designs like pocketed coils have indeed added to durability and supportiveness of mattresses without getting gimmicky.

Some mattresses claim to be “one size fits all,” but MaxCoil knows this isn’t true. Each person has a unique set of comfort preferences, so the ability to customize one’s mattress is an invaluable feature. MaxCoil offers mattresses with three main comfort options: Euro Top, Bonnell Spring, and Pocketed Spring. Each type offers a different feel and support level, and whether one is seeking a soft, medium, or firm mattress, MaxCoil offers the right comfort level for everyone. Additionally, some mattresses can be customized even further by flipping the mattress or rotating it around to the opposite side. Usually mattresses are designed with different firmness levels on each side, but this feature allows one to customize the feel of the mattress at absolutely no extra cost.

High-Quality Materials

These materials have also been said to have medical benefits. MaxCoil has now become a member of the American Chiropractic Association as of September 22nd, 2014. This was endorsed for the Orthopedic series, reinforcing it as a number one trusted brand.

Material-wise, MaxCoil mattresses are definitively staged as high-end. This has largely to do with using the best materials available. For instance, the natural latex chosen for the latex series is self-sourced from the rubber trees on an almost exclusive basis. This can be reflected by the Singapore Quality Brands 2009 award won by the MaxCoil brand. Coirfoam made of natural coconut fibers was used for all mattresses to create an initial firmness.

With three main types of mattresses, each varies accordingly in terms of material. The MaxPocket, with an individual pocketed spring system, has latex, memory foam, and plush top options. The Latex and Memory Foam series have natural latex and memory foam options respectively. High-quality materials such as latex and memory foam make for superior comfort and support. And finally, the Orthopedic series is a spring mattress which uses a Bonnell Spring System design. It was developed in the United States and has a high standard of quality that provides exceptional form to function. A MaxCoil mattress caters to all different comfort preferences. By selecting materials with the best brand reputation to make the mattress, the comfort level and the ads the mattress makes are always of consistent standard.

The most important part of a mattress is the material it’s made of. MaxCoil is known for having one of the best quality mattresses in Singapore. There are several factors that make a MaxCoil mattress high quality. These are the materials that make up the mattress, the workmanship that goes into it, and the superior design that the mattresses have.

Durability and Longevity

Comparing the specifics of the MaxCoil mattresses range is difficult, details on the type and gauge of the steel used in springs are not available. The only information I found is that it uses what Maxcoil call their ‘SMART coil system’. I would be interested to know how this compares to other brands. From experience, the quality of steel in springs, and the construction method of these springs are the biggest factors in determining how well a spring mattress will maintain its form over time, and this is vital in terms of the comfort and support of the mattress. Despite this, MaxCoil mattresses are well reviewed for comfort and quality even by customers who have owned for a relatively short time. High density foam is also a positive with regards to longevity, if we assume it is used in the construction of the support layer. However, it may also retain more heat. A future purchase guideline will be written here once I have more information on the mattress composition.

Like with most premium mattress companies, information on the expected longevity of a MaxCoil mattress is hard to find. Durability of spring mattresses in general has been shown to be good. The high steel content used in coil springs will tend to mean the mattress lasts on average around 10 years. This is very similar to the average lifespan of spring mattresses in general, as well as the average lifespan of most premium quality foam mattresses.

MaxCoil Mattress Collections

Each mattress collection from MaxCoil is individually unique, created to suit different preferences and needs. While the 3 primary collections (Classic, Luxury, Orthopedic) focus on providing different varieties of comfort, the Special Edition collection uses a specifically chosen material to create a final masterpiece of a mattress. This material was chosen from various tests and surveys conducted to find out what the most sought-after material is in a high-end mattress. This collection is designed for the discerning few, the ones that dare to dream, to a place where time seemingly stands still and the weight of the world is lifted from their shoulders, replaced with a gentle caress as they fall into the most restful sleep they can only imagine. A place where a bed is not simply a matter of where to lay their head, but a destination in itself. MaxCoil Special Edition Collection, coming soon to make dreams of tomorrow, today.

Classic Collection

The MaxCoil Special Edition collection features uniquely designed mattresses to fit different individual needs, such as pregnancy, expectant mothers, infants, toddlers, or the elderly. Japanese technology Ultra Sonic Mattress & Sharp Bed for reduced electromagnetic wave stress are designed for expectant mothers. All Crib 5 Waterproof Vinyl mattresses are designed with a detachable cover for easy cleaning. Fire Retardant Vit-Bead Futon is designed for the elderly as a firm support mattress. All mattresses are designed in a way that best serves the purpose.

The MaxCoil Orthopedic Collection focuses on health and weight-conscious people. It uses an individually pocketed spring system for better spine alignment and reduced partner disturbance. There are 3 ranges of mattresses starting from Ortho Compact, Ortho Optima to Ortho Latex, all designed to improve sleep quality, relieve stress on the back and joints, enhance blood circulation, and significantly reduce partner disturbance. All mattresses are treated with anti-dust mite and anti-fungi for healthier and hygienic sleep. US Velvet and Damask ticking with various choices of firmness are available. All mattresses in this collection are designed to provide comfort for better sleep and recovery.

The foundation of the Classic Collection was originally made by Mattress & Bedding Center. This collection has a classically designed Bonnell Spring system for added firm support and durability. It is also treated with anti-dust mite and anti-fungi features, which provide frequent disinfection in the mattress, making it more hygienic. High-quality US Velvet and Damask ticking are used for all the mattresses, providing a smooth and luxurious feel for better comfort with a choice of firmness. Available from Single to Super King sizes.

Luxury Collection

They are then led into the Luxury Collection area. Here, MaxCoil offers three different series of quality mattresses that are built with opulent materials and comfort layers: The Hotel Elegance Series, The Hotel Ultimate Series, and The Hotel Supreme Series. Each series is designed with the hotel in mind. With more and more luxury hotels investing in their choice of bedding, MaxCoil’s luxury collection comes at the right time. If you’re looking for quality mattresses that provide the same or better comfort that you experience in a 5-star hotel, now you can select the right one for you. Each of the mattresses in this collection is upholstered with quality Belgium Jacquard Ticking and chosen from only the best cotton-rich high thread count Damask ticking. This ensures long-lasting durability and also provides a soft luxurious feel to the mattresses. All mattresses in this collection are also suitable with MaxCoil’s customizers His and Her Adjustables. These adjustables are compatible with all MaxCoil mattresses, to allow differing comfort settings between you and your partner. With superior spinal support and no roll-together, each mattress is designed to meet your highest expectations and provide exceptional comfort and support for years to come.

Orthopedic Collection

Anatomically designed for firm support of the spine, minimizing lateral movement and ensuring the correct sleep posture, we have the Verte King & Queen mattresses which offer a varied comfort level from plush to provide a restful sleep while providing good support for the pressure points of the shoulders and hips. These mattresses have also been highly recommended for pregnant women who want to sleep in the side position.

The Orthopedic Collection was designed with the orthopedic needs of you in mind. Known for its innovation in orthopedic mattress designs, MaxCoil has received overwhelming response with its 1st Spinal and Posture support mattress. Building on our success, we sought and developed further our range of products to cater to alternative comfort levels and firmness for individuals. The entire collection is tailored to provide you with the ultimate back care support that you need. To stress the importance of back care, we have a total of 5 different mattresses designed for varied comfort levels, but equally anatomical support for a restful sleep.

Special Edition Collection

It may be foreseen that furniture and electrical appliances won’t have a very prolonged nut period. The product era to adulthood may be as short as 1-2 years. To be seen throughout the business of mattresses, MaxCoil is fully committed to introducing constant and periodical innovation to resolve the dynamic market expectations. Watch out for the upcoming special edition ranges that would also be the epitome of comfort and top standard that customers can expect from MaxCoil.

Launched in line with the organization’s tenth anniversary, the Special Edition range showcases MaxCoil’s dedication to providing constant innovation and comfort at its top standard. One of the examples is the debut of the swish animal skin bed, giving the customers the luxury and elegance. Another is the launch of MOM special edition style bed, boasting a grand lavenders, gold, and dark ivory shade. It is the essence of elegant luxuriousness and a proper addition to the house interior, differentiating itself from the bed range. Most importantly, every special edition product is adorned with the distinctive tenth-anniversary emblem.


Recognizing that sleep is one of the most important aspects of good health, it has taken bold steps to create mattresses that are not found in the local market at its time of inception. As such, to provide a mattress that truly gives a good night’s rest, the introduction of latex, memory foam, and pocketed spring has almost become a standard for comfortable sleep today. MaxCoil recognizes the importance of these materials to create comfort and purposefully develops its mattress series using quality materials. With its latest introduction of the Royal Duchess Series with Latex and Memory foam, it has taken bedding to a whole new level of luxury with a touch of technology to its customers’ comfort. MaxCoil has also taken the step in fulfilling its vision of ‘Good Quality Sleep’ by paying attention to the overall sleep system where one would require not only a good mattress but the addition of a bed frame and storage to cater to customer needs. With the increasing focus on quality and research of mattresses and bed frames, the possibility of being a specialist in the sleep system and making good quality sleep affordable to everyone in Singapore looks ever more likely.

In conclusion, MaxCoil has distinguished itself as a unique brand with a specific mission and vision. It stands out from other ordinary mattress brands in the market. MaxCoil has garnered several awards such as the Singapore Prestige Brand Award Outstanding Brand 2013 and Singapore Successful Brand 2018-19 and has been growing from strength to strength in creating more innovative mattresses.

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