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The Best Latex, Foldable, and Reviewed Mattresses in Singapore

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Now onto latex, not to be confused with synthetic latex. Natural latex has a bouncy push-back feel. It is made from tree sap and is a considerably more eco-friendly material compared to memory foam. Latex mattresses often have a more firm feel, with the addition of comfort layers to offer various feels. Latex is a great option for those who like the support and contour but want to avoid the feeling of getting stuck. Latex has better elasticity and sleeps much cooler than memory foam. The reported problems of latex are weight and mobility when moving the mattress and less smell and off-gassing compared to memory foam but an allergy risk for those with latex allergies.

First, let’s breakdown the two types of foam. Memory foam is made out of viscoelastic, a petroleum-based product. Memory foam is easily recognized for its slow sink and body-hugging sensation. It also has an added benefit for motion reduction; the hugging contours of this foam tend to isolate movements. A good quality memory foam mattress should do a good job at pain relief of the shoulders and hips. This is an area the foam excels and is great for side sleepers. The main reported problems with memory foam are heat retention, especially with lower quality foams, durability/longevity, and the sinking feeling becoming uncomfortable.

There are so many types of mattresses, it is hard to keep them all straight! However, in general, memory foam and latex mattresses are quite similar. Both offer a hugging sensation and contour to your body. There are some differences in feel, price, and of course, the way the two materials wear over time. Today, we will be discussing the feel, benefits, and overall differences of memory foam and latex mattresses.

Best Latex Mattresses in Singapore

2.3 Simmons Beautyrest Concordia – Made of 100% natural latex. – Eminent kingkoil pocketed coil which minimizes partner disturbances. – Excellent motion separation with no roll-together. – Available in 3 different comfort levels. – 10-year limited warranty.

2.2 Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite – Made of 100% natural latex. – ComfortCore┬« to provide solid, premium support to the heaviest part of your body. – Unicased XT design to prevent edge breakdown and provide a stable and comfortable sleep surface. – Available in 3 different comfort levels. – 10-year limited warranty.

2.1 Pure Latex Bliss – Royale – Made of 100% natural latex with no synthetic latex blend, cheaper filler to maximize profits. – Excellent chemical-free option with no chemical additives. – 7-zone design for ideal spinal alignment and better body support. – Attractive-looking mattress. – Available in 3 different comfort levels. – 10-inch total thickness with good durability. – 10-year limited warranty.

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There are many kinds of latex mattresses and many different brands, but all these kinds compare in ways that other mattress types do not. The main differences in the various kinds of latex mattresses are the methods used to produce the latex and the different additional components which are used in the mattress. The major types of latex mattresses are Dunlop, Talalay, and the newest addition, continuous process latex. Prices for these mattresses can vary between $600 and $2000, but in most cases, the more expensive mattresses are of higher quality. While specific preferences for a mattress are subjective, it is safe to say that latex mattresses are a step up from the average innerspring mattress. Due to poor cheap quality and uncomfortable sleep, the innerspring mattress is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and memory foam and latex mattresses are becoming more popular.

Mattresses are a necessity for a good night’s sleep, and a good investment in mattresses is crucial for overall quality sleep and comfort. Latex mattresses come in two forms: natural and synthetic, and are known for providing a cooler night’s sleep due to the material’s open cell structure. The latex mattress provides consistent and solid support for the entire body and is also traditional in the sense that there is no movement transfer, which means that the person will not feel sudden movements from their partner throughout the night. Durability is another factor that speaks for the latex mattress, as they are said to be longer lasting in resilience and support. Latex mattresses being light in weight is also a huge advantage when it comes to moving them for whatever reason. When latex mattresses are purchased, some assembly may be needed but no extra parts to purchase, all that is needed will come with the mattress. Due to the well-rounded support, comfort, and above-average pain relief, latex mattresses are a good investment for anyone in need of a new mattress.

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While surfing the online forum at hardwarezone, I noticed that there is a distributor from a well-known latex mattress brand in Singapore promoting mattresses at a much lower price. I decided to get a free quotation from him and compare the price with the price from the retail shop. When I got the price quotation from him, I was not surprised that the price is actually much lower than the retail price and it comes with an option for customization. He also explained to me that the mattress is of the same quality as that of the retail. The only difference is that it does not come with retail packaging and because of that, it does not cost him much to bring in the mattress as compared to the retail, thus lower price offering. It is a direct saving transfer to the customer’s pocket.

Since I fell in love with a latex mattress, I stepped into almost all the mattress retailers to search for the best deal for my latex mattress. To my surprise, I found out that all salespersons carry the same tactic. They will say that their mattress is made from the best quality material, at the same time downgrade other mattresses from competitors. After-sales service from them is even worse. They promise this and that, but when it comes to the real thing, it’s just empty promises. best latex mattress singapore I decided to do my own research on latex mattresses.

#2 Latex Mattress in #1 Famous Mattress Retailer

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Dynasty Mattress is made with 100% visco-elastic memory foam and offers the best solution for people who are suffering from back problems. This product comes with a free trial of 120 days and a 20-year warranty for the customer as well. Majestic Mattress is a Premium Grade 4-layer foam latex mattress. The Majestic provides superior comfort and deep down support. It has a unique ventilating system which keeps your body cool while you sleep. This product comes with a 10-year warranty for the customer. Simmons mattresses have a very wide range of beds. Simmons has taken the traditional metal bed frame and base and merged this technology with the Pocketed Coil technology in Beautyrest. Teleepoch has a very wide range of latex mattresses but the one that has caught my eye is the Brio Natural. This mattress is crafted with the finest natural talalay latex, quilted with natural bamboo yarn, and completely handmade. It is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, dust mite, and bed bug resistant naturally with no added chemicals. It has a 5 cm natural latex layer for comfort and an 18 cm high-density latex core for support. This is a mattress that offers better value compared to other natural latex mattresses available in the market. It has 5 zones of comfort which are designed to provide proper support to the different parts of your body, especially the pressure points such as shoulders and hips. The mattress is very durable and typically lasts about 15-20 years. This is a good investment for people who are concerned about health and for long-term usage. This product comes with a 10-year warranty for the customer.

Best Foldable Mattresses in Singapore

The Thomsen Tri-Fold Mattress available in single size only is retailed at S$300 plus, is pricier than the rest but well worth it. Constructed with high quality foam layered between Bonnell inner spring and covered with high grade damask, this product is available at mattress retailers in Great World City and Park Mall. The surface is very comfortable and compared to other foldable mattresses, it feels just like a regular mattress. Because the mattress has steel hinges at the two fold points, it will not sag in the middle over time like most foam foldable mattresses. This is great for long term use. best foldable mattress singapore The Thomsen Tri-Fold Mattress is highly recommended due to its durability and comfort.

The FoldAway mattress from Magic Koil (S$109 to S$159) is a great entry level budget product that comes in three sizes, 2”, 3” and 4” thick. The density is progressively firmer, each is supported with Bonnell inner spring and constructed with high quality damask fabric. The 3” single is the most popular as the price is very attractive and easier to store when not in use. This is ideal for grandma who won’t be sleeping with you every night, and children who still wet the bed. This mattress can also be turned into a makeshift couch if it’s propped up against the wall.

A foldable mattress is typically a very thin mattress that can be folded in half or in thirds, then can be stored away when not in use. These are fantastic space savers and storage is not a problem in even the smallest of bedrooms. Such mattresses are also excellent to have around when guests stay the night, especially if the guests are a couple as you can typically join two single foldable mattresses together which will be cheaper than purchasing a decent double mattress and can be stored away when not in use.

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Foldable mattresses are not like they used to be. Traditionally, they were thin, not very comfortable, and were either made with foam or thin layers of innerspring. The ones that were innerspring had a nasty habit of scratching your floor and were hard to move around as the springs would make it bend in ways it wasn’t meant to. Now, in an age where many people don’t have enough rooms to cater for all their guests, these foldable mattresses offer a convenient temporary bedding solution that is comfortable and supportive. They’ve also come a long way in terms of materials, with many simply being a compressed version of a normal mattress and even latex mattresses now being available in a foldable version. So, we will be looking at the different types of foldable mattresses and selecting the best from each type.

Can’t stand sleeping on the thin foldable mattresses you get round at your aunt’s place when she’s got guests? Read this guide on the best foldable mattresses in Singapore.

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Most foldable mattresses use foam as their main material. The better foldable foam mattresses have similar quality foam and thickness to a normal foam mattress. They should also have the ability to fold into 2 sections (bi-fold) or into 3 sections (tri-fold). Bi-fold mattresses are more suitable to act as guest mattresses and are easier to store under a bed while tri-fold mattresses are easier to carry like a suitcase. A good foam mattress should provide decent support for your back (not too hard or soft) and isolate disturbance. This would be what the person testing the mattress would think subjectively. But the level of back support and disturbance isolation can also be measured objectively by the force deflection indentation test and the impact force reduction test. The higher grades from these tests usually represent a mattress that costs more.

The best foldable mattresses don’t just offer a comfy place to sleep. They should also be durable, lightweight, compact when folded, easy to set up and move, provide good support for your back, isolate disturbance, and of course, aren’t too costly. These are the things that separate a foldable mattress from an airbed. But in terms of durability, good back support, and disturbance isolation, the better airbeds might still lose to a proper spring or foam mattress. Quality and durability usually demand a higher price as well. So whether a foldable mattress is a good investment depends on your real needs for it.

Mattress Reviews in Singapore

After reading all these things about latex mattresses, make sure that you are not enticed to buy a bed of the product until you have tried out each type of latex mattress for a few minutes. This quest might not be unnecessary, and make sure to have this thought. Your preference for the type of latex mattress could increase the reliability, with a rather big chance that it will impact your sleeping pattern and how comfortable you might be asleep.

mattress singapore review The top-rated mattresses in Singapore are…There are many springs-based latex mattresses available in the market. However, if you are looking for the best one, then go for a 100% natural latex mattress from Getha. Springs have a lifespan and will eventually lose their resilience and support. This newly improved and updated natural latex mattress is now the ultimate choice for an eco-lifestyle. They have replaced the traditionally used cotton felt with the new and improved cool gel memory foam. The natural cool gel is able to disperse body heat, providing a cooler sleep. This comfortable mattress is also great for back support. Made from high-quality 100% natural latex, it is ergonomically designed to provide better and firmer support where it is needed. Highly recommended if you are looking for a high-quality mattress.

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Mattress size can be very important for a good night’s sleep. It is generally good to buy a bigger mattress, as it will give you and your partner more room to move around in your sleep and be especially useful if either of you tends to move around a lot during the night. It is also a good idea to take your own height into consideration. If you are taller than average, it may be wise to purchase a mattress marked as long (generally 200 cm in length). On the whole, buying a mattress of the right size will allow you to sleep more comfortably and thus more restfully.

Of the different materials (coir, spring, latex, and foam), foam and coir mattresses typically come in single sizes. Spring and latex mattresses come in a wider range of sizes, from single to king, a factor to consider if you plan to change the size of your bed. A few brands, such as Magic Koil, furnish mattresses of non-standard sizes, such as super single or California king, though these can be harder to find bed linens for.

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His first question before buying a mattress was whether to buy a latex mattress or a foldable mattress. He then realized that there was very little comparison between these two kinds of mattresses. So here it is. People tend to compare latex mattresses with spring mattresses and very often than not, the average Singaporean may not have even heard of a latex mattress. It is already quite rare to find people comparing latex mattresses with foldable mattresses because foldable mattresses are often used as temporary mattresses until the brand new bed arrives. However, with rising cost in living in Singapore and HDB flats becoming smaller, there is an increasing trend of using foldable mattresses as permanent mattresses. Foldable mattresses are much cheaper than latex mattresses and it very often serves as an alternative to latex mattresses. After a thorough research on latex mattresses (including visiting all the major furniture retailers and calling up to compare prices), I’ve realized that popular brand mattresses are indeed overpriced and local companies that sell mattresses at fraction of the cost, do not necessarily compromise on quality. It is a myth to think that latex mattresses are typically much costlier than spring mattresses. The truth is latex mattresses are no doubt expensive, but its long term cost will be comparable to other mattresses. (An average spring mattress lasts 3-5 years while a latex mattress lasts 7-10. Multiply the cost of replacing the spring mattress and its lifespan with the latex mattress and you get the picture.) Now do note that I have not fully comprehended foldable mattresses but generally, it is a more economical choice for a bedding solution that does not want to sacrifice quality of sleep. Foldable mattresses come in a variety of material from foam to spring and can be customized to fit the bed frame. However, the best foldable mattresses are those made of foam. When I say foam, it is not the typical foam in a sponge. Rather, it has to be high density foam because it is the closest material relative to a latex mattress. A comparison between these two mattresses is with a Singaporean and a permanent residency holder. Both want a comfortable, but more importantly an economical solution.

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Elasticity and conforming ability. One of the advantages of latex foam is its elasticity. Its ability to instantly regain its shape helps to move around on it without leaving much of an impression. Another benefit of this material is its ability to evenly distribute weight. Due to this, mattresses can decrease pressure points, which reduces tossing and turning. Latex foam is also mold resistant and dust mite resistant. Lastly, latex is a springy material that allows you to roll into it. This provides a unique comfort and support not found in other traditional types. A greater amount of effort should be put into researching before a purchase is made on a latex mattress since they are extremely expensive and are a big influencer of sleep quality. Saying this, there are many different brands and each different type has its own unique qualities relative to the benefits said in this section. Make sure you try different types and keep in mind the information given above were good properties of latex, but certain types may not have the same benefits.

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