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Navigating Bed Sizes: From Singapore Standards to UK Dimensions

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Globalisation has allowed various countries with diverse backgrounds and cultures to embrace a single idea that would ultimately benefit them. The demand for information on other countries’ products has increased, and consumers are getting more enthusiastic about making a purchase that they have viewed earlier on. One recurring example that has been voiced out by various people living in other countries would be furniture, particularly beds in Singapore. The appeal of beds in Singapore is not only constrained to the comfort and price, but certain people have shown interest in the sizes available in Singapore. Singapore beds have measurements that adhere to metric units, therefore the sizes will be quite different when compared to countries that are using the imperial system. One such country would be the United Kingdom, a country that is famed for its royalty and elegance, has captured the interest of people who are considering options to either migrate or experience new products. With this increase in demand for foreign products on top of the bed being an essential furniture, people are now in a dilemma as to whether sheets and mattresses available in the UK are suitable for their current bed in Singapore. This research was hence conducted to compare the sizes of beds in Singapore to that of the UK’s, to give consumers a better understanding of what sizes are available and to evaluate the convenience of purchasing a bed from a specific country. A simple solution to purchasing a specific bed from either country was to buy a mattress and bed frame separately, however, this was not the main focus of the topic to be discussed. The measurements for mattresses from both countries will be centered on the original intent of buying a mattress with a bed frame, and dimensions provided for the bed frames will be for mattresses sold in the respective country, whether it be single, super single, queen, or king. This paper will mainly emphasize the six most common bed sizes found in Singapore, with comparisons to those of the UK’s under the six specific categories. The sizes provided are widely accepted by local consumers and manufacturers and are based on available information from Singapore’s local bed and mattress companies and chain stores.

Bed Sizes in Singapore

Singapore does not have a double bed, but uses a bed size termed a queen. The length and width of this queen-sized bed is only a mere 3 cm wider than a UK double with measurements 190cm x 152cm. This may cause confusion for some who may think a Singapore queen is the same size as a UK king-sized bed. It would be wise for someone looking to purchase bed linen between the two countries to check the exact measurements of their bed before making a purchase.

In Singapore, a single bed is 190cm x 92cm (length x width) while the UK small single is 191cm x 76cm. As seen here, a UK small single is slightly smaller in width than a Singapore single bed. This may be taken into consideration for people looking to purchase bed linen from the UK.

The size of bed Singapore are similar to those found in the United Kingdom (UK), but not exactly the same. The two countries use slightly different terminology for bed sizes and the dimensions can vary. For example, a single bed in Singapore is also known as a super-single, while in the UK it is referred to as a small single. Though the terms are similar, the dimensions are different. Here are the dimensions for both single beds in the two countries.

Single Bed Measurements

A single bed is the smallest bed one can buy. It is denoted as Super Single in Singapore. The dimensions are 42″ x 75″. It is perfect for a growing child/teenager. Some adults may find the length ok, but the width can be a little cramped for the average person. A bed of this size is most suitable for a single sleeper with occasional sharing with a partner. A Single Bed is popular in children and teenage bedrooms, as well as being ideal for small apartment or studio size rooms. For a bed suitable for a taller person, you may want to consider a Super Single size, which is 6″ longer. Though a super single is not in the international bed size export range, it is a slight customization that can be made for bedding of this size. Bedding of this size isn’t too difficult to find in Singapore and is quite cheaper than furniture or bedding for larger bed sizes so this is always an option to keep in mind. Bear in mind also that when your children eventually move on and move out, a single or super single bed isn’t too difficult to liquidate and so this can ease the pain of the eventual necessity to get rid of the bed.

Double Bed Measurements

A double bed in Singapore measures 190 cm x 190 cm (75 in x 75 in), about 8 cm (3 in) larger than the standard UK double. The UK large double bed measures 180 cm x 200 cm (71 in x 79 in) and it is a luxurious and spacious bed favored by people who want generous sleeping space. Unfortunately, this is a bed size that is rarer to find in the UK and it may mean finding a specialist supplier. The UK standard double mattress is 135 cm x 190 cm (53 in x 75 in), adding 10 cm (4 in) to the width and 8 cm (3 in) to the length of the corresponding Singapore size. Matching bed frames will be easy to find, saving considerable time and effort in locating a matching mattress and base. This size is commonly used as a spacious and comfortable option for one person or as an economic option for a couple.

Bed Sizes in the UK

The United Kingdom has the following bed sizes – small single, single, double, king, super king. The single bed measures 91cm by 190cm and the small single 76cm by 190cm. These sizes are for the actual bed itself, so the mattress will be slightly (about 2 inches) bigger. Single beds are generally used in children’s rooms and are suitable for one person, but can be used for adults. A room with two single beds pushed together (i.e. 2 small single beds or 2 single beds) will have a gap in the middle. The small single and single are also popular sizes for modern living in apartments where space is at a premium. A small double (which is halfway between a single and a double bed) is 122cm by 190cm. This size is also popular for one person in a modern living environment and the extra width can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep. This is also a popular size for a children’s bed or an adult’s day bed and is also used in hotel rooms.

Single Bed Dimensions

There is an increasing popularity of single pocket spring beds or standard spring mattresses being purchased with a latex mattress topper as it adds an extra layer of comfort for users. The pocket spring bed is recommended due to having mattress toppers which can be replaced without having to replace the whole bed and its long-lasting durability. However, the use of latex toppers has been noted to increase the bed height to a rather uncomfortable level for individuals previously used to the older bed dimensions. This change in bed height without any consideration of bed and linen size may have an overall effect of a poorly fitted bed sheet, exposing the mattress at its corners and overall looking messy. A simple solution for this case would be to reconsider purchasing a UK standard single bed and mattress size as the bed sheet size and style will be more suited. single bed measurements include the standard dimensions for a UK single bed.

When furnishing a room for a young individual or a guest, a single bed is usually the choice made. This type of bed is also commonly used in most hotel rooms as its smaller dimensions do not require much space. In Singapore, the local single bed measures 190cm x 91cm while the commonwealth single bed measures 190cm x 92cm in the UK. Both types of single bed would be able to accommodate any individual up to 5ft 9 inches comfortably. Common custom in the UK sees bed linen sold to fit either the UK single or UK double bed, with no specific sizes available for the respective mattress sizes.

Double Bed Dimensions

Symbol Dimensions UK Double Bed Size: 135cm x 190cm (4ft 6″ x 6ft 3″) Continental Double: 140x200cm United States Double/Couple Size: 138cm x 188cm (54″ x 74″) The double bed is 4 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long (137 x 191 cm). This is the most common and widely available size for all bed types in the UK. The dimensions are enough to allow for 2 adults to sleep comfortably, especially if the bedroom is not large enough to accommodate a large bed. This size is sometimes known as a full size or a standard size in the USA. These are not as common in the UK so bed linen can be harder to source and the sizes can be different from UK ranges. If you are buying in the UK, the UK standard double duvet size is 200cm x 200cm (78″ x 78″) and the double bed linen size is 228cm x 218cm. It is worth noting that the depth of your mattress really dictates the size of your duvet and bedding. With the UK deep fill mattresses available, you may need to purchase duvet covers and fitted sheets with a deeper side.

King Bed Dimensions

The ‘King’ is the greatest of all bed sizes. It is best suitable for lavish living and spacious apartments. It provides ample space and width for two adults. The UK imperial ‘King’ size is 5ft. This size is often common in all mattress types and many large scale manufacturers build bed lines which run in parallel with the mattress. This size is also often commonly known as ‘Eastern King’. The length of the UK king size bed is the same as superking, with a standard length of 6ft 6″. King size bed dimensions are an overall increase from their double bed predecessors. King size mattresses are an ideal transition for people who have previously slept on double beds, giving them an increased amount of sleeping space and further width. They are also multifunctional and great for couples who have children or pets, or even singles who require a large amount of room to spread out and relax. As the UK’s most popular bed size the king has a wide and varied range of bed linen; available in differing thread counts, materials, colours and designs to suit all consumers. Highgrove beds have a wide range of king size mattresses available across their many diverse lines, checkout our stockists page for more information on where you can purchase Highgrove Beds.


The situation is not helped by the trend in many countries (including the UK) towards vanity sizing; originating in the clothing industry, this now seems to be manifesting itself in mattress sizes. Vanity sizing is the practice of labeling a mattress or clothing item as a size larger than it really is in order to make consumers feel better about their purchase. While this is psychologically sound on the part of retailers, who can complain about ‘accidentally’ ending up with a bed bigger than the label said it was? Unfortunately, in the absence of an international standard to which all countries adhere, those moving beds between countries will either need to measure everything meticulously or just take a best guess and buy some new bed linen. The latter choice may well be less frustrating, not to mention simpler. bed sizes uk Navigating bed sizes can be a challenging task, especially when transitioning between countries.

In conclusion, it can be said that the differences in international mattress and bed sizes are one of those things that appear simple at first glance, but are likely to cause a great deal of confusion and chaos – not to mention stubbed toes and head injuries – for anyone actually trying to buy or move a bed from one country to another. Standards vary significantly, and it is clear that few people are likely to measure their new bed to ensure that it is a standard king, rather than a queen, single or some strange hybrid size they’ve brought back from the Far East.

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