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Comprehensive Guide to Single Bed Dimensions in Singapore: Sizes in Centimeters and Standard Dimensions

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Given that many single beds are purchased with the intention of a child or teenager using it, it may be a parent making the purchase who needs to know the exact dimension. People who are planning to accommodate guests in a single bed are likely to need to know the exact size, as often adults are not as comfortable in smaller single sized beds, and will be looking for a little extra space in a single bed that is an inch or two wider, or perhaps opting for a ladderless bunk bed to save taller guests from being uncomfortable in a too-short bed. Now that we have covered the importance of knowing bed dimensions, we move to looking at the variety of single bed sizes available in Singapore.

There are quite a number of reasons for wanting or needing to know the exact or rough dimensions of a single bed. The most common and obvious reason is for the purpose of buying a new mattress or bed, since being armed with the right size dimensions will help you to select the right bed or mattress that will fit. But there are also other reasons such as if you are making or buying bed linen, it will be important to know the size of the bed that the linen is intended for. Some people may want to know the bed size to be able to better visualize the area the bed will take up in a room.

Importance of knowing single bed dimensions

When considering purchasing a bed, the size has to be right. The bed has to be large enough to be comfortable to sleep in, but not so large that it takes up too much of the room it is being placed in. Single beds and super single beds are commonly used for kids as the beds are able to accommodate into the size of the room and still leave some space for a study table or study area. Currently super single beds are very popular with kids and teenagers as the width of the bed is just nice for spreading out books to study. By examining the dimensions of the single and super single beds, you will be able to better gauge the sizes of the bed and visualise the sizes before purchasing one for your kids. This is very critical as buying a bed of wrong size would be a wasted effort to move and dispose off the bed. single bed dimensions singapore Knowing the correct dimensions can prevent unnecessary inconvenience and expenses.

Choosing a right single bed size is an important step in creating a comfortable and proper sleeping environment. Bed sizes that are too small are uncomfortable, and you end up either hanging off the edge or using the wrong position for sleeping. But how big is big enough? The bed dimensions provided here will assist in deciding whether to get a single, super single, queen or king size bed.

Overview of single bed sizes in Singapore

Let’s first go ahead and get an overview of the ubiquitous single bed/daybed in Singapore. Daybeds are the size of a single bed, which is what makes them so perfect in that spare room we all have. Single beds are 92 to 100 cm wide and 188 cm long. Sometimes single beds are only 182 cm in length, so it is always a good idea to check if you are buying bed linen in Singapore. You can also buy a super single bed, which is great for taller people or anyone who just likes a bit more room to move in their sleep. Super single beds are 107 to 115 cm wide and 188 cm long. The common bed size in Singapore, a Queen, is only 30 cm wider than a super single bed. So for a little bit more money, you can have that extra comfort and space in your sleep. Now back to the daybed. A common size daybed in Singapore is 98 cm wide and 200 cm in length. This means you can use a single mattress on it and the kids can still use it as a bed when they grow out of theirs. And what’s even better is that it is only slightly bigger than a single bed, which means less bulky furniture in the room and more available space. So, by using a daybed and single mattress in that guest room, it becomes multi-functional as it can also be used as a quiet place to relax and read. With the relaxing area doubling as a sleeping area, visitors can wake up feeling refreshed and as cool as the other side of the pillow. Now how good is that! single bed size in cm singapore The dimensions of a single bed in Singapore are… 92 to 100 cm wide and 188 cm long, providing enough space for a comfortable sleep and are suitable for both children and adults alike.

Standard Single Bed Dimensions in Centimeters

The standard length and width of the small single, single, small double, and double size beds are as follows. The Euro (IKEA size) small single mattress is 200 cm in length only. Be aware! Some bed manufacturers will use the term Euro Single to describe a 90 x 200 cm bed or mattress. The standard length of a small single and single size bed is 190 cm. Check your mattress and bed frame dimensions as European and other countries have different standards to UK sizes. If you are taller than 6ft 3″ (190 cm) you should consider an extra length small single or single size bed. The standard length of a short small double and short double size bed is 190 cm. The standard length of a long small double and long double size bed is 200 cm. The standard length of a king size bed is 200 cm. Measure your bedroom from the bed to the wall. Add 40 cm to 65 cm to the length and width of a bed to calculate the space taken up by a bed and moving space around the bed.

Length measurements

Length measurements. Typical twin size bed is 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. This corresponds to a width per person of 39 inches which is much smaller than that of a standard size bed. The length is suitable for a child or young adult but too short for an adult or couple living together. Step into the twin XL size which is six inches more in length. These beds act as a transition for young adults moving out from home but are still quite short for an adult person. Measures need to be taken to ensure appropriate length for adults. Full sized beds 53 inches in width with dimensions of 75 to 80 inches in length provide ample space for a single individual but are getting a bit tight for couples. These beds provide the minimum space for couples to live together.

In the general market space, mattresses and accompanying bed frames come in a variety of sizes with the intention of appealing to particular customer preferences. Taken as a rule, the larger the mattress or bed, the more expensive it will be. Thus, those who are more frugal in budget or making purchases for a temporary circumstance would more likely opt for a smaller bed. Understanding the standard sizes of beds can be a bit more tricky than once thought. It would seem that the general consensus would be that a twin bed is meant for a child or young adult, thus the idea of an extra long twin for basketball players or those taller than normal. And as we move up in the size of mattresses, various aged couples might purchase a larger mattress for comfort akin to king sized beds which is comparable to luxury. These beliefs prove true in some cases but bed dimensions being the nature that they are, have subtle differences depending on the region or type of bed. This article will cover the common bed and mattress sizes in the US detailing dimensions, and appropriate for which type of person or environment.

Width measurements

This is due to the fact that different retailers have different interpretations of the dimensions and often inaccuracy occurs when using the metric or imperial system. There have been examples of a 90 x 190cm bed frame with an actual width of 88cm and an 85 x 190cm with an actual width of 82cm. Usually, it is wise to review the actual dimensions before buying the bed, and if the size is different, you can ask the retailer to provide the most appropriate mattress size.

Another important fact on bed width is that dimensions tend to vary between different manufacturers and even more so on bed frames. There has often been a case when a consumer realizes that a 90 x 190cm mattress is very loose on a 90 x 190cm bed frame.

The results have shown that nowadays, single bed width is more commonly at 90cm, a typical feature for a majority of households. Hence, this should be the guideline for consumers when buying bed frames or mattresses. The extra 5cm compared to the 85cm width is considered a “comfort” zone for children and adults.

Bed width in the Singapore market ranges from a minimum of 80cm for a single bed and up to 180cm. The widest bed would be quoted as a super single. The majority of single beds, however, are within the range of 80cm to 90cm. In the table above, we can conclude that the following are the approximate percentages of standard bed width that a majority of retailers/manufacturers are coming up with (80cm 5%, 85cm 35%, 90cm 60%).

Height measurements

Single bed heights can be quite varied. However, a standard rule of thumb is for the ideal mattress height to be about where it is easy to get in and out of bed. This gives a good starting point at knowing how high the bed should be. If you then add the height of the bed frame, you should then be able to calculate the full height of the bed from the ground to the top of the mattress. Drawing from experience, we know that bed frames can vary in height and so can the mattresses. Platform beds and mattresses that are designed with very firm support can be lower to the ground. Looking at the European concept, the idea for bed frames would be to design it so the length of the distance from the top of the frame to the floor is the same height as the length of the width of the bed frame. This once again can range from 35cm – 45cm but if implemented, it will be a huge benefit for bed shakers in the future. With this style, the height of the bed will be more easily determined based on the bed frame. Without looking at orthopedic beds and storage beds which can range from 60cm – 100cm in height, this shows us that the standard height to which a single bed should be is about hip height to waist height. This is ideal for children to flooring adults. With this being the case, the standard height of the top of the mattress should be about 60cm to leave 10cm of space for the bed frame height.

Common Single Bed Sizes in Singapore

The only problem with these single beds is that they can be outgrown. Children do grow up very quickly and considering the price of mattresses and beds, it is not economical to constantly change beds during a child’s growth. Therefore, it is also good to consider a wider bed. single bed size singapore The most common size for single beds in Singapore is

Single bed size D is the widest among all single beds and is 99cm in width. The extra 8cm in width is great for those who tend to move around during their sleep. It is 190cm in length. This bed can also be suitable for one person.

Single bed size C is the same width as single bed size B and D, but it is 188cm in length. This is the longest single bed but best suited for children who tend to jump onto their beds. It is also ideal in the event a government doctor’s letter prescribes a bed for one person.

Single bed size B is a normal single bed. It has a width of 91cm, the same as single bed size C, and a length of 190cm. This size is also suitable for one person as it is the length of a twin bed.

Single bed size A is the narrowest of them all. It has a width of 80cm and a length of 120cm. This size is generally for children or in the guest room. It is suitable for one person when considering the length and does not take up too much space.

Single bed size A: [Dimension 1]

Single bed size A is the size closest to the dimensions of a standard single bed mattress. With a width of 91 cm and a length of 197 cm, it is only smaller in width by 1 cm, and there is only a 3 cm difference in length. Although mattresses and beds are sold as a standard single, bed size A is actually more common and easier to find in either furniture shops or factory outlets. Prices are also generally cheaper compared to the standard single size, as such, bed sheets and linen will be easier to find and more affordable. This size of the mattress is suitable for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Due to the small size of HDB, condo, and apartment rooms, many people who are looking for a bed to fit into a small room use this size to maximize walking space. Bed sheets, linen, and mattress protectors are also cheaper and easier to find.

Standard single bed size in Singapore is 190 cm (length) x 91 cm (width). This size is widely used in HDB, condominium, and apartment flats. A mattress with these dimensions will allow an adult sleeper to sleep comfortably, as the width will enable an adult to sleep without having to curl up. A child/teenager will also be able to sleep comfortably on this size of mattress, and the length is sufficient for an adult over 6ft tall. Despite it being the smallest size of the mattress, there is actually a considerable range of single bed sizes available. Some single bed frames can fit up to a super single mattress size, which is larger than a standard single. The most common single bed sizes are single bed, super single bed, and queen size. Also available are pull-out beds which are great for children’s rooms.

Single bed size B: [Dimension 2]

Availability: Readily available at all major departmental stores and bed stores. Frames and mattresses are also available. However, bedsheets and bed linens are less common and are usually available only at major departmental stores and certain bed linen specialty or online stores.

This is a super single bed. Though its size is wider than the standard single bed, super single is growing in popularity as it provides more sleeping space without occupying too much space. It is suitable for growing teenagers for added comfort and cozy for adults. It is widely used for HDB/condominium common rooms and is commonly used as a daybed/sofa.

These are regular single bed sizes for children and adults. They usually come in a set with pullout beds and bunk beds for added sleeping capacity. – 190cm x 120cm

Local single bed dimensions: – 190cm x 90cm

Single bed size B is another unique single bed size that caters to growing teenagers and adults. Its dimensions also vary with the type of bed chosen.

Single bed size C: [Dimension 3]

This single bed is known as super single size. The width is 1067mm with the 1905 mm in length. People keep mentioning super single size bed, yet not many of them really know the exact measurements for this type of single bed. Even some of the bed sellers supply super single size bed with the normal single size bed measurements, which is 190cm compared to 190.5cm. This difference leads to inappropriate bed linen size and also the mattress size. With 0.5 cm difference might not be significant, yet it will affect the fitness between the bed and the fitted sheet. So measuring your bed and mattress and comparing it to the appropriate size is something worth to do to avoid discomfort in the future. And this super single size bed has 107 cm × 190.5 cm in size for the mattress. So make sure you have measured the correct length and width, and also when you purchase a mattress make sure about the exact measurements for the mattress. This super single size bed is excellent for young adults or teenagers who are looking for the comfortable rest yet not taking too much space in the room. It is also suitable for adult who live alone, it is comfortable enough since the size is not too far different with the standard queen size bed. Yet it is far more cost effective for the room space. The price also varies compared to the single size bed, the super single size bed is only $100-$300 higher than the single size bed. Due to the variation of the price people are well aware of the excellent for value of the super single size bed. It is evident that this type of bed has special place in the furniture industry, yet even so there are still few shops which sells bed linen with the appropriate measurement at the given price. With the internet nowadays people can easily access most of the furniture and bed linen shops, yet there are still few websites which have incomplete information for the bed size. So be more careful because the difference in measurements will affect the price greatly at the loss of the customer.

Single bed size D: [Dimension 4]

Single bed size D is a great size for single bedrooms which are popular in new HDB (Housing Development Board) flats and condominiums. The majority of the locally available single bed frames are of this size. The standard size of a single bed size D is 90cm width x 190cm length. Due to the availability of this size, most children’s bed frames are of this size simply because they can use the same size as grown-ups and not outgrow the mattress and have to get a new one. This will help save on cost in the long term. This is a wise way of thinking since children grow up so fast these days. This is the current standard for single bed sizes in Singapore. You will be able to find a wide range of bed frames and mattresses in most local showrooms and department stores. Due to its increasing popularity, many new models of children’s themed bed frames have emerged. These frames come in many interesting designs. Do a search online and you will be able to find a broad selection to choose from. Furthermore, most furniture shops also offer a build-to-order service where customers can request for the bed frame to be made smaller. This is very handy for parents with kids who might not be able to get something they like in a smaller size suitable for a child’s bedroom.

Choosing the Right Single Bed Size

When thinking about choosing the right single bed size, the idea solely depends on who will be using the bed and the size of the room it is going into. Comfort is key, and if the individual is going to be using the bed rather frequently, it may be worthwhile to purchase a double or queen size in case of comfort. A spare room, however, would be suited to a single bed. Depending on what it will be used for, the bed can be chosen with the use of different mattress qualities (e.g. whether it is better to have a firm mattress) and again, taking into account the space around the bed. A well-chosen single bed will allow a person enough space to move around in their room and will still look pleasing to the eye. A slimline bed frame and mattress will keep space and movability, as opposed to a wider bed. When choosing a bed, it is important to keep measurements in mind and measure the room which the bed will be going into. Take note of the actual size of the mattress, as some single bed frames take up more space than a mattress itself. In this case, assure that there is still enough space to move around, and the look of the bed isn’t too crowded. Also, take into account furniture which will be placed in the room, as this too uses up space.

Factors to consider when selecting a single bed size

We recommend you to move away from bulky furniture that uses too much space and opt for space-saving strategies. With that in mind, the first and most essential point is to measure your room and the space available for the single bed to ensure that you get a bed that fits. Bear in mind that you will need space around the bed as well. For kids, you might want to consider bunk beds as a choice for space saving. When calculating room size, also make sure you know the door frame measurements and the stairway/angle to the room as we have had customers that have bought a bed then struggle to get it up to the bedroom. Next, you should consider who will be using the bed. For adults who are using the bed, it is generally recommended to get a single bed to sleep in unless the room is for a guest. While a single bed is fine for most adults, if the person is tall, they may want to get a single bed, and by this, we mean a bed longer than the standard 6ft 3″ single bed. Despite popular belief, a tall person can still sleep snugly on a single bed. On the flipside, children will benefit more from the age-old standard single-size bed since it is more suited to them. On the topic of children, there are also times where parents just want to have a small bed for their child to save space. With that, there are low beds, which are specially designed for children. Despite helping children get into bed more easily (step stools can also be used for this purpose), some of these are lower so less mattress is used. Always remember to get the right size mattresses for the bed.

Tips for maximizing space with single bed dimensions

Now, when maximizing space with single bed dimensions, it may feel a little counterproductive if there is only one person using the bed. However, that does not mean it is not possible. Measure the room where the bed is going and take into account the amount of free space you want left. The best way to use minimum space would be to buy a small or children’s size single bed; the measurements usually come in L190 x W75 and these are usually built for children’s rooms and guest rooms, yet can also be used for adults. The Japanese mattress known as the futon is another strategy; this can be put away after use and leave plenty more space in the room. Another idea would be to purchase a bed with built-in storage drawers which can save you from buying additional drawers and from taking up useful space while still using the same single bed dimensions.

When choosing the right single bed size, thinking small is the way to go. Remember that a single bed has the dimensions of 92 cm x 187 cm and it may differ in a few cm depending on where you are in the world. Hence, if you are the type that moves around a lot, it would be best to measure the bed and translate those measurements to the bed where you are at right now. For the UK, typically a single bed size tends to have a few cm added onto it; hence, it would be best to purchase sheets that are nearest to the bed size.

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