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Beauty Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Multiple coat lipsticks: the one with two different colors where the second one is lighter than the first or a gold, bronze color can make your lips look plumper and enhance the overall look. Baby powder as a dry shampoo: dry shampoos are genius and loved by many girls, but if you find yourself in need of a last-minute shampoo replacement, just apply some baby powder on your roots and the oily spots, and then use a round makeup brush to brush and remove the powder. Voila, good as new. Flat iron to iron clothes: if you are in a hurry to go somewhere and you discover you ran out of time to iron a shirt or pants, apply your regular shampoo onto the clothes and then use a flat iron to take out the wrinkles. It really works!

When it comes to beauty, we all have our own unique go-to beauty hacks we swear by, right? Sometimes we find out about others that make us think, “OMG I did not know about this!”. Yup, beauty hacks like those are totally game-changers. We’ve found a few that you should be adding to your arsenal. What’s the weirdest beauty hack you’ve ever tried or heard of?

The Intersection of Beauty and Fashion

When individuals work in the realm of beauty, they are also intimately involved with the fashion industry. The majority of high fashion models’ makeup, hair, and skincare are all done by elite beauty professionals. Some of the top fashion shows are almost as known for their intense beauty challenges as they are for the fashion. Look at Alexander McQueen’s widely publicized “hair helmet.” Boss F/W  put models through grueling, damaging processes to get the intense slicked back wet hair. Fashion inspires beauty and fashion is enhanced by beauty. Editorial hair has steadily become more daring within the sphere of fashion. One of the looks inspired by this daring fashion has been given the moniker – Glitteratti. It is all about the glamorous sparkle of glitter but it is made subtle and subdued too. The hairstylist Eugen Cherny has had extensive experience with editorial hair, but has labeled his creative idea Glitteratti as a unique offering for the haute couture class of clientele.

Many in both the fashion and beauty industries argue that the two are inextricably linked. This goes beyond makeup and hair. For example, a person could wear an incredible dress, but if they do not have the right pair of shoes, it can compromise the entire look. Oftentimes, a look is not truly born until beauty is involved. There is a variety of high-fashion hairstyling ideas that are seen rising out of Russia and other Eastern European countries. It is interesting to note how different cultures offer highly creative fashion advice. An entire look can be put together when fashion and beauty combine forces to accentuate the positive. Whether intentionally paired together for maximum impact, or one finding support through the other. Our sense of fashion is a key element in our personal beauty style and these two concepts coalesce to form individual style, savvy, and chic intelligence.

Innovative Beauty Hacks for Everyday Life

You can use hair spray to keep your makeup in place and to master flyaways. You can even use it to increase the durability of your favorite nail polish. Makeup and accessories can go together. It’s enough to use wax from a dark pencil to secure loose or broken stones. After applying elixir, oil, or coconut butter to the head of a dry toothbrush, brush your lips to achieve a smooth effect. Crown with balm. These are the necessary hacks you must keep in mind and with them, you will look perfect every day!

Ideal lashes are a dream come true. It’s simple: all you need is the trusty old vaporizing method, some mascara, and the knowledge from the post! Remember, the mascara gives two or three times better effects with evenly-applied powder or baby powder applied after the first layer. To keep your face fresh after applying make-up without powder, use a spritz of a mixture of water and two or three drops of essential oil. You can also use it to soothe the scalp and as an air freshener!

If you want to achieve the ombre eyeliner effect, use a darker shade in the middle of the lids and blend it using three shades (the brightest shade towards the bridge of the nose, the medium shade near the center, and the darkest shade at the tip).

You’ve probably heard of using water, hair conditioner, or oil after shaving to soothe and soften, and to replace shaving cream when you’re in a pinch. These products (plus aloe or vitamin E from a capsule) are also perfect as a lip mask. If you have used this kind of mask at least one evening a week, you will never have dry chapped lips again. Do you want to change the shape of your nose? Use a darker shade of foundation than your skin color in the “problem” area. Do not forget to blend thoroughly. If you make a mistake, simply apply some highlighter to it.

Skincare Secrets

Acne-prone skin benefits the most from oil cleansing since it gently breaks down the sebum that clogs our pores. It can get rid of current and prevent future blackheads, and it moisturizes. Perseverance is key. With the right type of pure oil, after years of trying numerous products, you can achieve that youthful, coveted complexion. Be a minimalist when it comes to applying things to your skin, but maximize effort with perseverance. You are the only person that knows your skin best, but if you’re really unsure about what you have and what to do with what you have, go to a professional.

Everyone needs to know their skin type in order to shop for the correct products. If you walk into a skincare store without knowing your skin type, you won’t know what to ask for. A lot of people think that they are allergic to products and that’s why it breaks them out. In reality, your skin is trying to tell you not to use it. Despite popular belief, that cleanser you saw in a magazine or that eye cream you saw your favorite celeb rave about on Twitter doesn’t really matter if it’s not for your skin type.

Contrary to popular belief, skincare is essential for everyone. If you don’t know where to start, start with the basics. It’s not always about buying the most expensive products or finding that one secret item. It’s about finding out what’s best for you and following through with it.

DIY Beauty Solutions

The use of coffee grounds for preventing the onset of cellulite can only slow it down on a surface level. Mix ¼ cup of coffee grounds and  tablespoons of sugar with  to  tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Massage the scrub on the cellulite area in a circular motion as this movement encourages lymphatic drainage. Emphasize on these spots that need a little more attention. If your skin is too sensitive, use a softer sugar.

Coffee Grounds for Cellulite

Add mashed or pureed banana to your skincare recipe and apply a mask that brightens the skin.

Banana for Brightening Skin

If your perfume runs out, use Vaseline on pulse points instead. The stickiness of the Vaseline retains the scent for a longer period.

Vaseline for Perfume

Crush up an aspirin tablet and mix with a little water so that a paste is formed. Apply the paste to spots and leave on for  minutes before rinsing. Use this hack no more than once a week.

Aspirin for Acne

Rinse off dandruff flakes with a concoction of cherry and water. Add  tablespoons of crushed, fresh cherries into a cup of boiling water. After cooling, massage the mixture into the scalp and wash off with shampoo.

Cherry for Dandruff

Honey contains natural antibacterial ingredients for healthy skin. Test honey first on a small part of your skin and after  minutes, if no reaction shows, apply the honey to the acne. Wash off after  to  minutes.

Honey for Acne

Tear open a used tea bag and empty its leaves to reuse as an eye patch. Apply a cold and moist tea bag to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes

Head to the kitchen or garden to make your own beauty hacks with these DIY beauty solutions.

Homemade Hair Masks

Lastly, because homemade hair masks tend to get a little messier than commercial ready-to-use hair treatments, we suggest that you apply the hair mask in the bathroom just before your shower, holding a hand-held mirror if necessary, so you can remove masks in the shower multitask style! Not to worry about the slight delay in doing other things. If the mask contains ingredients good for your hair, it’ll be worth the effort. Opt for eggs if you want to remove dandruff and add shine to your hair. For hair that needs hydration, put in a bowl of honey, oil, and egg yolks and apply to your hair.

Regardless of whatever unique hair texture each of us is individualized to have, an important hair tip to bear in mind is to moisturize and nourish your hair with a mask at least once a week. If you’ve got major hair problems such as dry and damaged hair, then one session a week may not be sufficient. Short on time? You may also want to leave the mask on your hair while you do other things! Some people leave it on for up to an hour, while others advise that overnight treatment is the way to go. Just be sure to put on a shower cap and lay a towel on the bed to protect it from the product stains that might arise!

Many hair experts recommend using all-natural hair masks to help restore damaged hair. Some popular ones are made with ingredients you’d normally use for healthy snacks – but the good news is, it’s completely guilt-free if you decide to apply these directly onto your hair! Try mixing and matching some ingredients you’ll find in the next few slides (such as avocados, eggs, honey, and oats) to make a suitable mask for your hair texture.

Fashion Forward: Styling Tips and Tricks

Ribbons can be designed per coating in several ways to make the area between buttons look seamless. Search your wardrobe for ribbons and see which colors coordinate with the fabric you’re using. Try to select a slim lace and begin by sewing the reverse or your area to the side and take a pattern in the smallest gap between both buttons so you will be adding the speech side of your lace. Keep the wavy end of your lace well below the level of the buttons to prevent it from quickly losing its hold, and attach the two ends of your slim lace together using a stitch or two. With the speech side of your lace open and secured in place with some assistance, start weaving your lace through one button’s gap, making sure to include both edges of your fabric. Keep going above, below, above, below until you reach the other gap. Your lace needs to be secured within your buttonholes and the fixed lace looks surprisingly original tucked within your attire.

Fashion Strength

Let’s be real, humans often have accidents and during a nerve-wracking day, slipping a strap or spilling some red wine isn’t unusual. When situations like these occur, it helps to be prepared.

Wardrobe Malfunction Cures

Add trims and bra-like t-shirts to areas of your skin revealing sleeves and necklines to add personal protection with a little sprinkle of sexy.

Entire outfits can be enhanced with these valuable holding secrets. Use top-to-toe products to develop and showcase much more of your wardrobe. Key items to invest in include static quality, wide tape, and foot petals.

Fashion Holding and Styling

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